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Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Review

Hey Beauties!


Today’s post will be my experience on the Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Sheet Mask.


Lately I’ve been using a lot of ‘deep cleansing,’ intense masks. I’ve also been exfoliating with more of a physical exfoliator than a chemical exfoliator for these past couple of weeks. I saw this new sheet mask at Foschini over the weekend and seeing that it wasn’t expensive I decided to try it that evening as my skin needed some hydration. I decided to go with the Super Hydrating Revitalizing Mask for Dehydrated skin.

As per the website it claims that these super hydrating sheet masks flood skin with an intense burst of hydration – delivering the same results as half a bottle of hydrating serum*. Select the best sheet mask for your skin type whether you need hydrating, mattifying or soothing care.

*Based on the volume of a 30mL hydrating serum


I thought that was some strong and pretty impressive claims. To be honest I’m not a huge sheet mask kind of person. I love the conventional mask in a tube or jar that’s applied with the fingers or brush and then rinsed off. I’ve tried sheet masks in the past that did absolutely nothing for my skin, so I did not have high hopes that this would make any difference too.

I applied this mask after cleansing my skin and it felt very slippery and cold (which is normal). I then left it on for 15 minutes which is the required time. After about 3 minutes my skin started tingling in the slightest form but nothing worrying or irritating. I actually like it when my skin tingles slightly as mentally it notifies me that the product is absorbing into my skin which I think is a good sign. Also my skin was very dehydrated as knowing this is absorbing into my skin also made me feel a bit better as this mask was going to be doing at least something for my skin. Be worried when a product burns or itches intensely. However this did not do that in the slightest form.

Once I removed it I massaged the excess serum into my skin and applied my usual moisturizer. My skin felt incredibly soft and hydrated. This is the first sheet mask where I saw and felt results and I am very impressed with this mask.


I will most likely be purchasing one or two more of these masks as I’m finally now into sheet masks or at least these new Garnier sheet masks.


Have you tried these masks? What are your thoughts?



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10 thoughts on “Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask Review”

  1. This is literally my FAVOURITE sheet mask! The day and night moisturisers are amazing as well! I got into it all when trying to find an alternative to cliniques moisture surge and although not quite as good, it’s up there with a close second!
    Brilliant range of products 😊

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