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The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation Review

Hey Beauties!

Another foundation it is! I must admit finding a good foundation that works well with your skin is like finding a good pair of jeans or shoes that you constantly want to wear. I’m on a mission to finding my holy grail foundations, and also I love complexion products especially foundations.

I will be giving you the 411 on The Body Shop Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation for today’s review.

As per the website:

Combat skin imperfections throughout the day with our 100% vegan Matte Clay Foundation. This lightweight foundation is enriched with skin-clearing tea tree and leaves a breathable, yet full-coverage matte finish. It’s also resistant to water and sweat. Apply with our multi-tasking complexion blender for a flawless application.

• Full-coverage, matte finish

• Enriched with powerful tea tree oil

• Promotes clearer looking skin

• Oil absorbing properties

• Ideal for any skin type

• Ultra-lightweight

• Breathable 24-hour coverage



Contains a squeeze plastic tube. Easy to disperse and control the desired amount you required. Easy to travel with. 30ml.


My Experience:

Like I’ve mentioned before, we approaching summer and I needed to purchase more satin or matte foundations in order for my makeup to last throughout the day and not melt or slip and slide. What caught my eye is that it’s a clarifying foundation which contains Tea Tree.

Benefits of tea tree are numerous such as treating wounds, acne, fungal infections, lice, scabies, athletes foot and ringworm. It kills many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It’s a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. The Body Shop does stock an all natural 100% tea tree oil that’s great for treating all the above concerns.

Seeing that this ingredient is great for acne and breakouts I figured I could use this foundation close to, during and after ‘that time of the month’ when my breakouts usually occur. I’ve been using this foundation for over a month at this point. Last month I used it just before my period and I’m currently on my period (too much info I know). Last month I had one small pimple on my chin which was nothing, this month I have one huge one on my chin and one tiny one close to it. I’ve been using this foundation during these times and my breakouts are not lasting as long as they usually would. I’m using the same skincare products as I always do to fight hormonal breakouts and then adding this foundation on days I’m wearing makeup. I’m not yet totally convinced it’s the foundation that’s helping and can only really tell if it’s the foundation by monitoring it for the next two months or so to really see if it’s helping.

Other than that, the consistency feels in between a thick and thin/ runny foundation. It does dry down quiet quickly in comparison to other foundations but it’s build-able with medium coverage. On my skin it dries down matte but lasts all day and does not move, slip and slide, or fade. I have two dislikes only. One being, I can feel the foundation on my skin. However, I think having dry to combination skin and applying matte foundations, I can often feel the difference between a satin or matte foundation than a lightweight, natural or dewy foundation. The other is that this foundation is only available in 10 shades. 10 shades? Thankfully I found a shade for me, but only 10 shades? I’m judging you The Body Shop.

I apply most of my foundations with a sponge, but I have tried using a brush and both methods equal the same result.

I’ve tried previous foundations from The Body shop including the Fresh Nude Foundation and I went through that foundation so quickly during the winter time and loved it so much. In terms of affordable Matte foundations, I’ve tried the Lóreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation foundation recently and I’m not a fan. Sorry not sorry, I know it’s a holy grail for so many people. That foundation sat on top of my skin, looked and felt heavier than this Matte Foundation from The Body shop and didn’t perform that well. The Body Shop foundations mesh well with my skin, perform well and looks great on me. In terms of high end Matte foundations I love the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

and the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation.


I would definitely recommend this foundation and will continue using it especially considering how affordable it is!


I purchased mine at The Body Shop for R150. 100% Vegan. 30ml. Available in 10 shades.


Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?



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