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Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil Review

Hey Beauties!

I recently ran out of my absolute favorite eyebrow pencil (Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil) and in these past couple of days I’ve been filling in my brows with a brow powder. I don’t fancy using a powder to fill in my brows as this doesn’t make my hairs look quiet natural. I prefer to outline and achieve hair like strokes with a brow pencil. And especially for that precise sharp tail a pencil in my opinion works best. The closest mall near my house does not stock Benefit Cosmetics so I figured I would try another brow pencil while I was there. I came across this brow pencil called Beautiful Color Natural Brow Pencil from Elizabeth Arden. I’ve never used Elizabeth Arden makeup before and I’ve never heard or read reviews on this particular product and took a gamble.

Can you believe how stressful brows can be?😂😂



As per the website:

Create ultra-fine, hair-like strokes to fill in, shape and define eye brows for a long lasting look. Includes a grooming brush that shapes and blends for full, natural-looking brows.

Infused with unique skincare ingredients, including mineral pigments, silk powders and Vitamins C and E, Beautiful Color Natural Eye Brow Pencil helps define brows with the natural look of a powder and the convenience and precision of a twist-up pencil. Whether you’re filling in sparse, over-tweezed brows or creating a bold and dramatic arch, the Beautiful Color Natural Eye Brow Pencil shade range was specially developed to work seamlessly with all hair colours, and deliver long lasting, waterproof colour that won’t transfer or fade. Fragrance free, paraben free, oil free.


Key Ingredients:

• Silk Powder: ultra-refined silk fiber, rich in amino acids, helps to replenish the hair while providing soft, smooth and comfortable application.

• Velvet-Texture Powders: Gives a soft, velvety application and adheres to skin to provide long wearing colour.

• Vitamins C, E: Environmental protectant rich conditioners that help to moisturise skin and keep colour true all day.


There are only 3 shades by the looks of it online. I forgot to ask the sales lady how many shades there are in total (sorry!). I have mine in the shade natural black (for dark brown or black hair). It’s not black or harsh whatsoever though, it comes across as a very natural dark/ deep brown which is perfect for dark hair. The other shades are named Brownette (for light brown to brown hair) and Natural Beige (for Blondes).

I tested the formula on the back of my hand before purchasing it and it seemed fine. Not too waxy or too stiff or dry, with enough pigment to glide and form hair like strokes. But that’s not a fair judgment on the back of my hand so I figured I would just purchase it and see what it’s like. To my surprise this turned out way better than I expected. I’ve tried so many brow pencils to be able to ‘judge’ formulas and this is the closest to my holy grail Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. No other brow pencil has come close and I’m surprised I’ve heard absolutely no one talk about this product or not that many reviews are written about it.

I can achieve a very natural brow with minimal hair like strokes or precise, defined brows. The formula glides easily to a point where it’s not too pigmented but also not too drying and stiff. It has a perfect balance where I create any type of brow I want. The fine tip allows for precision and the spoolie is the perfect size to brush through my hairs and create a ‘natural’ appearance. It does not fade and lasts the entire day. There’s nothing worse than a brow that fades halfway through the day or night. I love that it contains some skincare ingredients as I didn’t expect a brow product to contain that.

I absolutely recommend this product and let me know what other hidden gems no one talks about you would recommend too!


I purchased mine at Woolworths where Elizabeth Arden is stocked. It’s also stocked at varies stores like Edgars, foschini etc.

Contains .003 OZ./ .09g of product.

36M. Made in Germany.



Thanks for stopping by 😊

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Brow Pencil Review”

    1. Thank you Lily! I find that brow pencils with fine tips are the best for creating hair like strokes, and this one works just as good. Thanks for reading 😊


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