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How I Deep Cleanse My Makeup Brushes

Hey Beauties!


If you not sure how to take care of your brushes then this is the post for you.



Firstly we need to wash and disinfect our makeup brushes to remove makeup, bacteria and dirt. If you not sure why you breaking out one of the reasons could be due to dirty makeup brushes or tools.

I deep clean my brushes once a week and you should be doing the same if you wearing makeup on a regular basis. However my makeup sponges I wash every single time I use it. As you know we use our sponges damp and reusing a dirty sponge leaves room for more bacteria than a dry dirty brush.


There are different methods used to clean makeup brushes and tools which are as follows:

Spot cleaning – this does not disinfect or deep clean your brushes but it’s great for using in between washes.  A spot cleanser will quickly and effectively remove makeup from your brush while you still busy with your makeup application. For example if you limited with the amount brushes you own and use one or two brushes for multiple uses, a spot cleanser will quickly clean and dry the brush so that you could use it for your next step in your makeup routine.

Great spot cleaning products include Mac Cosmetics Brush Cleanser or the infamous Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner.

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Deep cleansing – I do this once a week as recommended even though I own quiet a number of brushes. I do however rotate my brushes and have to have or use certain brushes constantly so therefore I’m always cleaning it. It’s suggested to use baby shampoo, olive oil and antibacterial liquid soap, bar soap or makeup brush cleansers that some makeup companies stock.

I have been cleaning my brushes for years using olive oil (extra virgin) and anti-bacterial liquid soap and this has worked for me just fine. The liquid soap thoroughly cleanses the brushes, removes dirt, makeup and bacteria; and the olive oil conditions the brushes, think of it like using shampoo and conditioner for your hair. It is time consuming to disinfect and thoroughly wash my brushes especially if it’s a big amount of brushes to clean, but I’d honestly invest the time cleaning my brushes than crying over acne.

I’ve also been using this brush cleansing tool to really make sure my brushes are 100% clean as the rubber indentations and patterns work to really get in there and clean it.

I mix about a table spoon of olive oil and about two tablespoons of liquid soap onto a plate. I then swirl my brush into both mixtures and using the egg brush tool I swirl it on there for about a minute or so and then continue with the next brush. You don’t have to use the egg brush tool, for a long time I just used the palm of my hand. Once I’ve done that I then rinse the brush with lukewarm water until no more soap and dirt appears on the brush. Don’t be too rough when cleaning your brushes as the hairs will shed and you could potentially shorten the lifespan, especially if you using affordable or cheaper brushes.



Once all the brushes are cleaned and rinsed thoroughly I then lay it down flat to dry. You never want to allow your brushes to dry standing up/ how you store it in a container because that will loosen up the glue on the handle and shorten the lifespan. There are makeup companies that stock tools to hang your brushes upside down in order for it to dry which is technically the correct way brushes should be dried, but laying it down flat has also worked for me and I’ve had some of my brushes for years. I then take a paper towel and surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol and wipe off the handle of the brush as there quite a bit of dirt stuck on the handle that you don’t really think of. I usually lay down some paper towels and then pop the brushes on there for it to get dry.




For my sponges, I apply a tiny bit of olive oil on a bar soap, swirl my sponge in this mixture and then wash and rinse in lukewarm water till I don’t see any traces of makeup on it. I then place it on a paper towel to dry. It does take around a minim of 24 Hours to dry. I usually wash my brushes on Sundays and seeing that I don’t wear makeup on Mondays it has ample time to dry till Tuesday when I need it again.



How do you disinfect or clean your brushes?



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  1. Good tip about conditioning the brushes – this would only be applicable to natural hair bristles. I use baby shampoo to wash my brushes – it cleans well and doesn’t strip away the hairs.

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