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My Top 10 Tips On How I Grew My Hair

Hey Beauties!

My hair has always been a struggle to grow out. Although it’s been long almost all my life I’ve never had it to my butt which is my desired length haha. My hair growth has always been hella slow but for this past year (2017) I’ve been making it my mission to achieve faster hair growth in a healthy, natural way. I’m glad that this method or steps I’ve been following has paid off as family and friends have been complimenting me on how long my hair is. Here’s how I’ve switched up and changed how I’ve been taking care of my hair:

1. I switched my shampoo and conditioner. I use to use cheap shampoos and conditioner that contained sulphate, parabens, silicones etc. Now I use more natural products that’s free from all harsh ingredients.

2. I apply less products in my hair. I have very dry, itchy, sensitive scalp. I use to use dry shampoo, cheap serums, even Vaseline to combat my dry scalp. I no longer use any of those products on my scalp and hair. And when blow drying my hair (which doesn’t happen often) I use a heat protectant.

3. Washing my hair less. I only wash my hair twice a week, sometimes even once a week. Keep in mind I have dry hair and an excessively dry scalp therefore I can get away with it. Washing your hair too often or every day strips the natural oils from your scalp and seeing that mine is dry that will be a disaster if I should wash it daily.

4. I only dye my hair every 6 months. I use to dye my hair every 3 or 4 months to keep my hair vibrant and for the color intensity. Now I only dye my hair twice a year. In fact the last time I dyed my hair was about 9 months ago. I don’t have grey hair, my hair is shiny and not so dull due to my new hair regime so dying my hair isn’t a necessity at this point.

5. I air dry and braid my hair more often than blow drying and flat ironing. The less heat you use on your hair makes a massive difference in hair growth and the state of your hair. How many times can I mention the word hair? I use to blow dry and flat iron my hair every time I washed it, as well as flat iron my hair in between washes too. Now rocking the curly or wavy/ natural style after air drying and braiding my hair is the way to go. Especially during the summer time I take full advantage of air drying my hair.

6. Using the correct tools for your hair. I don’t use a normal brush when my hair is wet. I use a wide tooth comb or this round wet brush. And when tying my hair I use what I call ‘telephone cords’ as these do not allow the hairs to break off or made a weird fold or indentation.

7. When styling my hair I try to avoid pulling my hair back super tight, especially when I do a sleek back ponytail or bun. I loosely tie my hair or wear it down quiet a bit. I also use to sleep with ponytails or buns, I now sleep with my hair loose. I don’t tease my, but teasing your hair causes breakage so try and avoid teasing when styling.

8. I trim my hair quiet often to get rid of any split ends (which has somehow decreased lately).

9. Supplements. I’ve been on hair, skin and nails supplements on and off and this has helped too.

10. I saved the best for last. Coconut oil has become the best step in my hair routine! I cannot stress enough how much this has changed my hair for the better. I use this on my scalp and my entire head of hair a couple of hours before I wash my hair, or sometimes I sleep with this overnight and wash my hair the next day. This has helped my dry itchy scalp tremendously as well as combat my dryness and hair growth. PS. In the pic I’ve decanted my coconut oil into a smaller container as the one I have comes in a huge container.


Those are my top ten tips for hair growth. This is working perfectly at the moment and will continue doing all this in the future.


What other tips have you done to grow your hair?



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4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Tips On How I Grew My Hair”

  1. I’m with you. I have the driest, flakiest, itchiest scalp in the world. I’ve been trying the coconut oil, but I think I really need to make the switch to some all natural shampoos. I’ll have to check out the brands you’ve posted!

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