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Not Your Mother’s Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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If you read my previous post on How I Grew My Hair, this is my current shampoo, and conditioner. In my previous hair post I mentioned using more natural products that were free from harsh ingredients and spotted this at Clicks. I ran out of the Maui Coconut shampoo and conditioner which I loved and decided to try this next.

Firstly like I do for every brand that I try out for the first time, this is their motto or story behind the brand:

At Not Your Mother’s our mission is to create the highest quality, salon comparable hair care items at the most affordable prices.  We strive to create products made just for you – products that will help you achieve the modern, stylish looks you crave – and provide outstanding customer service so you have the most relevant answers to your beauty needs.

At Not Your Mother’s we want you to make it a rule: have a happy hair day!

I tried the High Moisture line as I have dry hair. Other lines they carry are Curl Defining; Repair and Protect; Volume Boost; Sea Minerals; and High Nutrience.



Not Your Mother’s Shampoo


As per the website:

For Dry Hair
Deeply Hydrates to Nourish Overworked Hair

A luxurious blend of Coconut Milk and African Marula Tree Oil offers intense hydration so your hair looks and feels continually nurtured.

Seals In Natural Moisture, Increases Hair’s Elasticity

Smooths, Provides Frizz-Control

100% FREE OF

• Gentle formulas for everyday use

• Plant derived ingredient alternatives

• This finished product is never tested on animals


My Experience:

When I smelt the shampoo and conditioner I must admit it didn’t wow me. The scent was actually identical to the Brazilian keratin Treatment I use to do. The suppose to be coconut milk and African Marula oil. The scent doesn’t bother me but it’s not a scent I would be drawn to or attracted to.

I absolutely love that the packaging contains a pump as many shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried don’t, and find that I can use the correct amount without over using or dispensing too much product. The colorful packaging I also enjoy and that each category or hair concern is color coded.

The shampoo foams up quickly and ensures that I can properly cleanse my hair. I do find the shampoo non striping and like the claims suggest it does not make my hair feel or look very dry and dull.

Overall this shampoo is quiet average in my opinion. I’ve tried better shampoos and more nourishing ones and I’ve tried shampoos that perform worse than this. This lies in between for me but still gets the job done.



Not Your Mother’s Conditioner

The conditioner did smell a tad bit better than the shampoo but it still reminds me of that darn keratin Treatment scent. I can judge conditioners and it’s got to be just right for me to completely love it.

Personally I love a thick, rich conditioner. The thicker the conditioner the more moisturizing and hydrating it is. This isn’t too thick or too thin, sort of that happy medium. It does just enough whereby it’s moisturizing and hydrating enough. Again, I’ve tried conditioners whereby it’s more hydrating than this and I’ve tried some that aren’t moisturizing or hydrating enough. I usually let my conditioner sit and absorb into my hair follicle for a couple of minutes before rinsing to really soak in and get the best from my conditioner. My hair felt soft and smooth, but not quiet to a point where I was blown alway. It did the job no doubt, but it wasn’t as satisfactory as I hoped it would be.

I found this to be also a happy medium.

I love the fact that it contains plant derived ingredients, it’s natural, not tested on animals and does not contain any animal ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. The price is right in my opinion. And it’s a pretty standard product, I would recommend it but I wouldn’t be running out in a hurry to go purchase this when I do run out of this. I like this product, but don’t think I’m head over heals in love.



I purchased mine at Clicks Pharmacy for R189,95 each. It can also be purchased at Dischem Pharmacies. Contains 16 Fl.oz/ 473 ml of product.



What are some of your favorite Not Your Mother’s products? Anything else I should try from this brand?



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