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A Pedicure With Oh So Heavenly

Hey Beauties!


Firstly, I’d like to extend a big thank you to the Oh So Heavenly Team for sending these amazing Foot products. I really do enjoy this brand, everything they stand for and the quality of their products. I have used their foot range before, but some of these products I have not tried and will share my experience in this post. Before I get into the products, as always I love sharing a bit of background information about a brand and getting to know their philosophy, owners and just purely focus on the products.


“At Oh So Heavenly we believe that women deserve to feel confident and happy in their own skin. This means working out what makes YOU so special and individual, appreciating Fragrance – we believe in the power of beautiful fragrances to evoke memories and bring alive dreams. It’s not just about smelling great but feeling great too!

Formulation– we believe in designing products which really work like they say they do, whilst making you feel physically and emotionally nourished, rejuvenated and treated.

Value – we believe in making women feel that they are getting more than they have paid for. We believe in abundant generosity at an affordable price.

For You – women deserve to indulge, pamper and treat themselves every day. Our products should be like your closest friend – trusted, loved and treasured.”


This brand is cruelty free/ no animal testing and vegan. Their products range from Bath & Body to Hair, Collections, Body Fragrance, Face & Lip Care, Mum & Kids, and Home Care. This is a South African brand, products can be purchased at any Clicks Pharmacy. Their products are very affordable and the quality is on point.



Foot Spa Range

Sole Retreat Indulgent Foot Soak:

Cleanses, relaxes and pampers. Contains coconut extract. This cleanses and foams up really well. I usually allow my feet to soak in water with a small amount of this foot soak for about 5 minutes before moving onto the next step. I do own a foot spa whereby water can be placed in it, and plugged and it vibrates to ensure relaxation and a gentle massage.

Contains 160ml of product. Retails for R22.95



Sole Repair Exfoliating Foot Scrub:

Exfoliates dry skin without stripping away moisture. Maintains soft and smooth skin with Shea butter. The exfoliating beads are not harsh at all and gently but effectively removes all dead skin cells while pertaining moisturizing properties. I usually exfoliate my feet and right up to my knees.

Contains 200ml of product. Retails for R37.95


Sole Retreat 3-in-1 Spa Pedicure:

Deep cleanser, exfoliating foot scrub and hydrating masque. Contains coconut oil. Once I’ve exfoliated with the exfoliating scrub, I then dry my feet, cut, file, cuticle work, and buff my nails. I then file my heels and apply this 3-in-1 as a masque for 10 minutes and rinse.

Contains 100ml of product. Retails for R34.95


Sole Repair Intensively Nourishing Foot Serum:

Nourishes and locks in Moisture for silky soft and healthy feeling feet. This is my favorite product from this range. I had no idea there was an option for a foot serum in general. Going through all the products when receiving it, this definitely caught my attention. I do use this in conjunction with the foot butter though and so far it’s been working amazingly. It absorbs very quickly into my skin, provides deep hydration and does not leave behind any greasy residue. It’s extremely light weight without any form of stickiness. I urge you to get at least this product. It’s a must have for dehydrated, dry feet.

Contains 100ml of product. Retails for R29.95


Sole Retreat Indulgent Foot Butter:

Intensively replenishes and pampers feet. Contains coconut oil. Once I’ve applied the serum as mentioned above I massage this foot butter into my skin for further nourishment. The serum and foot butter is used every night before bed and this has kept my feet deeply nourished, such a great combination.

Contains 200ml of product. Retails for R34.95

Sole therapy Cracked Heel Repair Cream:

Intensive rescue for very cracked heels. Contains marine minerals. This isn’t really a must have product personally. Fortunately I don’t suffer from cracked or very cracked heels. However I did give it a whirl on two occasions. This is very rich, thick and I can foresee how effective this would work on someone that suffers from very cracked heels. It is also very moisturizing with added benefits. I gave this to my uncle to try as he would be a great candidate in testing this product over an extended period of time.

Contains 110ml of product. Retails for R28.95


Sole Therapy Foot and Shoe Hygiene Spray:

Prevents odor, refreshes and protects. I spray my sandals, flip flops and heels with this to refresh and prevent any odor. The scent is very fresh and does not damage my shoes in any way.

Contains 90ml of product. Retails for R21.95


Sole Therapy Foot and Shoe Powder:

Prevents odor, deodorizes feet and shoes, absorbs perspiration, protects against germs and refreshes feet. I apply this to all my sneakers or any lace up shoes and boots. I really do enjoy the fresh scent of this and it combats any weird smells that my shoes may contain. This is a must have and instead of using baby powder for my shoes, this is so much more effective and specifically designed for the feet and shoes.

Contains 100g of product. Retails for R19.95


The packaging and scent of all these products are so feminine and appealing. For the price/ affordability I would definitely repurchase these products once I run out. Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think.



Thanks for stopping by 😊


(I received these products for free, but all opinions are my own and stand by my word. Not sponsored).

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