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Some Finesse Products

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If not aware, I don’t do monthly favorites, I do favorites every couple of months or so. Let me know what are some of your recommendations too.







Essence Metal Shock Eye shadow in Stars and Stories

I purchased this the end of last year and wore it on Christmas Day for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised with the longevity of this product. It contains small particles of glitter which I thought would end up on my cheeks by the end of the day but it didn’t. It stays in place from the time it sets on the eyelids, the shade/ pigmentation is opaque and absolutely gorgeous. It could be a dupe for the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye shadow that everyone raves about, except that this is way more affordable.

Retails for R79,95. Can be purchased at any Clicks or Dischem Pharmacies. Contains 0.11 fl.oz/ 3.5 ml of product.

Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil in Silky Nude

This is a newer product but I’ve been loving it so far and see myself using it a ton more. As the name suggests it’s a long lasting Nude eye pencil for the waterline. I’ve never come across a nude liner where I don’t have to touch up constantly throughout the day or night. Very impressed especially for the price.

Retails for R44,95. Can be purchased at any Clicks or Dischem Pharmacies.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Peach

I know color correcting can be an added step for many, but I have to color correct because of how dark my under eye circles are. I’ve tried wearing concealer alone (and a full coverage concealer may I add) and halfway through the day or the end of the day my under eye circles are predominately peeking through. However, when I wear this specific corrector from Bobbi Brown the darkness stays concealed for the entire day/ night and does not peek through. The consistency is lightweight, creamy and doesn’t cause any creasing. It is pricey for a corrector but I’ve tried tons and this seems to be the best I’ve tried which makes it worth it. Other correctors fade or do absolutely nothing but this one makes a difference.

Retails for R405. Can be purchased at selected Edgars stores.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighter in Precious Petals

One of the most affordable yet blinding, pigmented highlighters on the market. I love the consistency of this product and that it melts into the skin instead of just sitting on top the skin. The intensity lasts all day and does not fade into nothing halfway or end of day. As you can tell I love products that last throughout the day or night especially if or when I don’t have time to constantly touch up here and there. This is the highlighter I wore in my Essence Products Review + Makeup Look where you can see how intense and beautiful it looks on the skin. I actually need a backup of this, I just began to hit pan.

Retails for R79,95. Can be purchased at Clicks Pharmacy.

Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick in Terracotta

I received this as Christmas gift and this blew me away. I love the shade, but most of all the formula. This beats Anastasia liquid lipsticks with regards to formula, sorry not sorry. It’s not drying at all, once again a product that lasts the entire day, it’s very comfortable on the lips with one swipe color payoff. This is one of the best liquid lipstick formula’s I’ve tried.

Retails for R169. Can be purchased at a Flormar counter.

Ciate Chisel Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve heard absolutely no one talk about this liner which is surprising because it’s one of the best liquid liners. It does contain a marker type applicator with a flat edge on one side. I have done a review on this, click here to view. I’ve had this since last year and it’s still as dark/ black as when I purchased it. The pigmentation is superb. Some felt tip liners fade halfway through applying it or does not last long before it runs out but this stays consistent and even throughout its life span. Like I said I’ve had this since last year and it’s still going very strong. I would definitely repurchase this even though I’m not really a fan of felt tip liners, I usually like brush tip applicators, but I make this accepting.

Retails for R245. I purchased mine at Woolworths, but I think Woolworths no longer stocks Ciate. Selected Edgars or Foschini stocks Ciate.

The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

If you looking for quality yet affordable brushes, the body shop is your best bet. It’s even more affordable than Real Techniques. Since TBS makeup is now stocked at Clicks Pharmacy this makes it more convenient to get my hands on it too. I love their brushes as it’s firstly cruelty free and secondly the bristles pick up product very well. It also lasts a long time and does not shed like crazy (or like other brushes, won’t mention any names…) after a couple of washes. I only own 2 of TBS brushes but I would like to purchase some more especially their eye brushes. Sorry my brushes are dirty, I used them today.

The Body Shop products can be purchased at The Body Shop stand alone store or at Clicks Pharmacy.





Lamelle RA Cream

I’ve been focusing on my skin recently and this product has helped with my skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and turnover. This is the first time I’ve incorporated Retinoid in my regime and it’s been performing and adapting pretty well since I’ve introduced it to my skin. I have done a full blog post on this night cream, click here to view more details about this product and Retinoid.

Lamelle can purchased at selected Spa’s and Salons. Contains 50ml of product. (South African brand)

Clinique Moisture Surge

I have tried this before and recently been incorporating this into my regime again. It’s such a hydrating, lightweight, smoothing moisturizer which is also perfect prior to makeup application. This definitely makes my skin appear and look smooth and moisturized.

Clinique can be purchased at Woolworths, Foschini and Edgars. Retails for R435.

Glamglow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Mask

Like I’ve mentioned, GlamGlow makes one of the best mask’s on the market. I have dry, dehydrated skin and no other mask beats this one when it’s comes to nourishment and hydration. Other masks I’ve tried hydrates my skin for one day or just for that night after applying it, but this mask hydrates my skin for literally days. I’ve tried the Supermud Clearing Mask in the past and that has worked tremendously so there was no surprise when I tried this one.

I usually purchase the travel size which does last quiet a while and contains 15g for R290. The standard size contains 50g for R850. GlamGlow can be purchased at Woolworths.

The Body Shop Almond Body Butter

I have very dry skin from head to toe therefore most body lotions are not moisturizing enough, only body butters does it for me. My favorite body butter is from The Body Shop. I love almost all their scents but the Almond is my favorite. It’s not overpowering, and the most moisturizing out of all of the Body butters. My skin stays nourished till the next time I step into the shower. I usually shower at night and by the time I jump into bed my skin isn’t sticking to the sheets. I don’t have that greasy film that sits on top of my skin nor do I feel uncomfortable.

Contains 200ml of product. Retails for R175. I usually purchase mine when it’s 2 for 3 or on discount.

Oh So Heavenly Foot Serum

I’ve mentioned this before when I got sent a bunch of these foot products, but I had no idea a foot serum even existed. I discovered a hand serum (not from Oh So Heavenly) which then I should have known or assumed a foot serum would be on the market too. I really love how lightweight, non oily or non sticky this serum is. I use this every night alone or under a foot butter. It’s been preventing the soles of my feet from getting dry.

Oh So Heavenly can be purchased at Clicks or Dischem pharmacies. Retails for R29.95. Contains 100ml of product. (South African brand)




I’m obsessed with Paris. I’ve never been there but so far I love collecting everything to do with the Eiffel Tower. These 3 decor pieces i cannot link as it was a Christmas gift which I absolutely adore and display it in my room.

The earrings I purchased at Lovisa on sale along with a pack of 5 pairs of earrings. It’s perfect for everyday and not too bold or outstanding and the perfect size. I really love Lovisa jewelry as I’ve been purchasing more and more from this store.



Don’t forget to leave some recommendations of your current favorites please. And which of these products do you love too?



Thanks for stopping by😊

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  1. Actually I am reading your blog putting on my favorite glamglow mud mask on my face 😀 This is so far my most favorite! I love the body butters from body shop as well but I did not check their brushes. Definitely will try them !

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