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Maybelline Master Bronze and Highlight Palette Review

Hey Beauties!

Another bronzer and highlight palette review. Seeing that the NYX palette was average or that I didn’t seem “hooray” about that palette, I thought I’d share my experience on another palette (from another brand as well) and let you know what I think about this one.


Maybelline Master Bronze and Highlight Palette


As per the website:


Facestudio® Master Bronze Bronze & Highlight Kit delivers a dimensional, sunny glow. This bronzer and highlighter palette features bronzer makeup and face highlighter.


Get a glowing bronze look with Maybelline’s Bronze & Highlight Kit. These universal bronzer and highlight shades can be mixed together or worn alone to create a head turning sun-kissed look.


Mix and match for a custom glow.

Step 1. Sweep bronzer all over the face.

Step 2. Add highlighter to the top of the cheeks and blend.



My Experience:

The packing is simple, clear in front and black at the back. Contains three bronzing shades and one highlighter. The bronzers contain three light, medium and slightly deep tones, and the highlight is a champagne shade.

When swatching the formula feels smooth and pigmented. All three bronzers have shimmer in it so it’s not really ideal to contour with these. I can use the middle and last shade as the first bronzing shade doesn’t really show up too much on my complexion.

Once I swatched it I then applied it to the parameters of my face (cheeks, jawline, neck and forehead). Do not dip your brush too much or be heavy handed with this palette, it’s pigmented so you don’t need tones of product. It does have some kickback when you dip your brush in especially if you swirling your brush into the product too much. The kickback does not bother me and I usually tap off the excess for all powders anyway.

This blends so well into the skin and the undertone of this bronzer especially the middle shade is unbelievable. It provides that sun kissed look and lasts on the skin the entire day without fading.

I then applied the highlighter and I don’t think I was ready for it. It’s actually such a smooth highlighter with buildable coverage to where it can appear blinding with two or three layers. Spraying some setting spray on your brush also intensifies it and it looked absolutely beaming. Definitely a gem in this palette.

My only negative complaint would be that I don’t think people with deep/ dark complexions could use this. Maybe once you build the color up and apply two layers or more it maybe will. Let me know if you have a deeper skin tone and can use this palette?


Overall thoughts:

I definitely recommend this palette. It’s such a great bronzing palette and each pan contains enough product or the size of it is suffice. You don’t need a lot of product or you don’t have to keep digging your brush in to get achieve your desired pigmentation. The highlighter is bomb. I need it in a single compact of its own, but I guess the master chrome highlighters are already available and bomb too.


Maybelline is available at Clicks, Foschini, Dischem, Red square.


What do you think of this palette?



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