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Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara and Brow Definer Review

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I’ve been on a Maybelline kick lately and seeing that I absolutely love the Super Stay Foundation (click HERE to view my review) I decided to grab this new mascara and eyebrow product too. Both these items were inexpensive and discounted.



Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara


As per the website:


Give in to Total Lash Temptation! Build on bold volume to create irresistibly soft, separated, and dense lashes coat after coat. Features a creamy and whipped formula infused with coconut extract. Packaging may vary, what you receive may not be what is reflected on site.


Step 1. Sweep the brush from the root-to-tip of lashes.

Step 2. Repeat the first step until desired volume is achieved.

Step 3. Do not let mascara dry in between coats.

Step 4. Easily remove mascara with Maybelline Expert Eyes® 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.


My Experience:

Firstly the packaging is gorgeous. I love the bright shade which makes it very easy to spot in my collection.

It contains a brush applicator/ wand which I love instead of a plastic wand. The wand isn’t that big but easy enough to coat all lashes even the tiny lashes in the inner corner of my eyes.

I didn’t read any claims of this mascara before trying it nor did I realize it contains coconut extract. Upon application I noticed the formula is quiet thick which usually is good to create volume. I applied only one coat on my lashes and surprisingly that was all I needed. If I were to apply two or three layers my lashes would clump together.

When they say this is for volume, volume is what you get. I don’t really like mascaras that only lengthen, unless I’m using it for my bottom lashes not my upper lashes. Other than that a mascara that provides either both volume or length, or just volume is usually what I got for. This is dark as night and the intensity makes my lashes stand out even more.

I’m happy to report this is a winner and I love it. The brush wand, the longevity, the volume, packaging, all good. I would compare this to a high end mascara, it reminds me a ton of the Lancôme Monseir Mascara but for a fraction of the price.


Overall thoughts:

I love that just with the one or maybe one and a half coats I’m done in seconds applying mascara which saves time. The volume achieved after just seconds is amazing and I love it.

My only concern would be that I don’t how long this mascara would last with the formula being so thick. It does seem a tad thicker than the first time I applied it. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and I’ve used it about 8 times. It does state on the packaging that it should be trashed after 6 months which is surprising as mascaras usually should last or worn for 3 months after opening. Will keep you updated how long this lasts.

Contains 8.6 ml of product. Shade – Blackest Black. 





As per the website:

Total Temptation™ Eyebrow Definer Pencil precisely fills in brows with our first teardrop-shaped applicator.


Fill in and shape eyebrows with this must-have mechanical eyebrow pencil. Also, discover more of Total Temptation™, Maybelline’s most addictive makeup collection. It’s designed for pure indulgence!


Step 1. Begin by defining the brow with the narrow end of the teardrop tip.

Step 2. Use base of the tip to fill from the brow anchor to the brow arch.

Step 3. Fill in the remainder of the tail of the eyebrow using the narrow end of the applicator.

Step 4. Blend and style with the fluffy spoolie end.


My Experience:

The packaging on this is also bright and easy to spot. It contains a spoolie on one side (thankfully) and the brow pencil on the other.

I’ve worked with a teardrop tip before but lately I’ve been using a thin brow pencil shape to fill in my brows.

I chose the shade deepest brown as the store only had this shade and another shade which was medium brown although this line carries four shades. Deep brown actually worked for me which is good.

In terms of the formula they nailed it. It’s a happy medium therefore it’s not too waxy where I’m not spending half an hour filling in and drawing my brows nor too creamy where I could get carried away and draw brows up to my forehead.

I honestly don’t mind this tip and the shape that it is as I forgot how super fast it takes to draw and fill in my brows. It does contain a fair amount of product as seen in the picture I twisted it up all the way. But seeing that I don’t really have to use a ton of product and my brows are complete in like a minute, this would last a lot longer than a thin pencil shaped brow product.

Although the spoolie looked as if it may be an issue or because of how odd it’s shaped, it seemed to blend my brow hairs the same as previous spoolies I’ve used before. Personally I had no problems with this spoolie.

One con with this product especially the shape of it, it doesn’t seem to stay sharp or as precise as the first or second time you use it. Someone with very little or sparse hairs may find this tricky to work with once you’ve used it a couple of times. Getting that defined or sharp instagram brow may not not be achieved if you wanting to solely use this product. But if you not looking for a defined, sharp brow even though you have minimal or sparse hairs then this wouldn’t be a problem. I would definitely recommend this to someone with fuller brow hairs, thick hairs, has a defined shape, a shape to their brows, or micro bladed brows.


Overall thoughts:

Another winner. I love the formula, how quick it is to complete my brows especially if I’m in a rush, it doesn’t fade or disappear throughout the day and the shade is just right. Also it’s affordable and I got a discount on top of that.


Contains 0.15 g of product. I purchased mine in the shade Deep Brown. Other shades include Blonde, Soft Brown and Medium Brown.



Have you tried these products before? What are your thoughts?




Thanks for stopping by 😊

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