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Google Picks My Makeup Challenge!

Hey Beauties!

If you’re not familiar with this challenge, basically you type your initials on Google followed by the word ‘look.’ Mine was ‘RS look.’ The first image that pops up is what your makeup look should be inspired by. Mine popped up as this bright lime car with beige/ nude tones in the background, black wheels and red lights. I decided to do the lime although the two shades are not identical but this was the closest shade to the car I could find, and black shades on my eyes with the red shade on my lips. The nude tones were used in the transition and a ‘beige/ nude’ blush although you can barely see it in the pictures.

These shades do not match whatsoever but that’s part of the challenge to use all shades seen in the image. It was quiet fun creating this look although I’d never wear these shades together out in public, but the pop of lime I really enjoyed playing with.

The image:

My Makeup look:


Have you tried doing this challenge yet? If not I dare you!




Face: Maybelline SuperStay Foundation

Mac Cosmetics Waterweight Concealer

Mac Cosmetics Bronzer

Eyes: Kryolan Professional Makeup Palette

           Mac Cosmetics Carbon Single Eye shadow

Lips: Avon Color Trend Lipstick





Thanks for stopping by 😊

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