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Mark by Avon Products Review

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Another Avon review! This will most likely be the last for a while as I’m taking a break from ordering Avon/ Mark products as I have enough at this point. Mark by Avon has impressed me lately as their products perform slightly different in comparison to the other products from Avon. Not all Mark products are spectacular but most of all it’s been good.



Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte in Dare To Be Bare


As per the website:

Diamond shaped brush: sculpts and colors lips in 1 smooth swipe. The power to create lasting matte coverage.

1st ever built-in primer – high-pigment, lasting colour that doesn’t bleed.

Precision brush – precision sculpting brush for definition that doesn’t smudge.

Lasts for hours – magnet-lock technology that keeps matte in place with a hydrating feel.


My Experience:

I have done a review on this specific lip lacquer before, click HERE to review. I thoroughly enjoy these matte lip lacquers hence why I purchased another one in this nude, mid toned brown shade.

I love the packaging, longevity, formula and how comfortable this is on the lips. Previously I purchased a light pink shade and this time decided to go for a nude brown which also compliments my skin tone quite well.

I would definitely recommend this.

Contains 7ml of product. Can be purchased from your nearest Avon Representative.



Mark Epic Lipsticks in Rosey Outlook and Street Style


As per the website:

Extreme colour + built-in primer – Get intense colour that lasts in just 1 swipe

Unique tapered tip – To precisely color lips without smudging




My Experience:

I absolutely love the packaging. The black and white with this font is so appealing and sleek. I chose a rosey shade as well as a nude, taupe shade.

The formula is very smooth, highly pigmented, satin finish with a bit of a sheen. I love that it contains a built in primer which I think contributes to the longevity of this specific lipstick.

It feels very moisturizing on the lips and doesn’t really bleed. There is a very minimal fresh scent, but it’s almost non existent which I prefer.

Another winner as I absolutely love the formula, packaging and longevity.

Available in 26 shades.


Mark Nude Matte Liquid Concealer


As per the website:

Helps cover under eye circles and blemishes.



My Experience:

Not much information on this product but I decided to give another concealer from Avon a go. I’ve tried quite a few of their concealers in the past before.

Knowing that I have dry skin with dry under eyes I gave this a go anyway as it states it has a matte finish.

The packaging is very sleek and simple. It contains a doe foot applicator which dispersed enough product.

The formula is hella thick, a lot thicker than I imagined. I applied a little bit less than I usually do under my eyes, bridge of my nose and chin. The minute I applied it and realized how thick it is, my initial thoughts were that this would be creasing in the next 5 minutes.

It took less time than usual to blend this out which was surprising as thick formulas I usually spend some time blending it out.

The coverage is amazing as it really does provide medium to full coverage and conceals the darkness while brightening very well.

But I have a few cons which is usually the deal breaker for any concealer I try…

Firstly, within a few minutes of application it creased. With how thick and matte the formula provides, it was inevitable that it would crease.

Secondly, it appears very cakey within the first hour of application even though i set my under eyes with a very thin layer of translucent powder. Not a good look!

Lastly, the coverage/ concealer faded throughout the day. It does not remain bright and as full coverage as it appeared that morning of application.

Overall I don’t think is a suitable concealer for my needs. Going from the Mac Waterweight, L.A. Girl and Clinique concealers to this was a huge difference and I’m just not as stoked with this concealer.

I’ll probably use this concealer purely for blog posts or spot concealing but definitely not under my eyes for a long period of time.

I would not recommend this concealer sadly. I would also stay away from Avon concealers as none of it has been a success for me.


Contains 7g of product. Available in 4 only shades.



Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?




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