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Products I Regret Purchasing and Anti Haul

Hey Beauties!


I guess I should do the whole disclaimer of ‘just cause a product didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean I hate the brand etc. and just cause it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, we all different with different concerns blah blah.’

I will list the products and if I still own it, I’ll insert a picture or if not, I will insert an image from google or a website, and then state my reason/s why it didn’t work for me.

Also if you have not heard or seen an anti haul post or video, it’s basically products you don’t find interest in purchasing for whatever the reason/s may be so I will insert a couple of that at the end too.

I have done a post like this before but not very frequently. FYI this is to help make a decision or offer advice to products we spend our hard earned money on, and maybe this could avoid wasting money if you have a certain expectation on a product.


1. L.A. Girl HD Pro Setting Powder

This is what inspired this post. I’m not a morning person and usually if or when I try products for the first time I usually do it on a day off, weekends or late afternoon/ evening before taking a shower or washing my face. But on this particular day I decided to test this powder one morning before work and walked around all day looking like a hot mess.

This powder is so thick, the texture, consistency and weight is heavy and rough to the touch. I love powders that are lightweight, ultra fine and thin, feels and looks like nothing on the skin. This however looked heavy, felt heavy, looked cakey and I could visibly see it sitting on top of my skin. It also felt quite tight and drying on my face which was very uncomfortable. It clung onto dry patches and settles into fine lines. This actually angered me, no joke.


2. Avon Concealers

I think at this point it’s safe to say any Avon concealer doesn’t do it for me as I’ve tried more than one or two. They all crease, look cakey, does not last throughout the day/ night and the consistency and texture is too thick.


3. Lancôme Teint Idole Stick Foundation

I’ve written a review on this foundation, click HERE to view. This foundation sat on top of my skin instead of melting in or giving that ‘skin like’ appearance, and I couldn’t find a shade (in SA) that suited my skin tone.


4. NYX contour and highlight palette

I’ve done a full review on this too, click HERE to view. The consistency, shades and application was not the best for me. I can not justify having a palette with 8 shades when I can only use one or two shades at the most. I didn’t find the formula smooth and blendable at all and I struggled making the palette work.


5. Freeman Renewing Cucumber Peel off Mask

Click HERE to view a full review. Firstly the scent is potent. I don’t think the ingredients are safe. And the fact that it stinks so much would have been of somewhat okay if this actually made a difference in my skin. I have tried using this mask up until last week to see if my opinion and experience would change and it remains the same every time I use this damn product. I just cannot get past the scent and it does nothing for my skin. No. Thank. You.


6. Colourpop Lippie Stix

I know so many people love this and own almost every shade, but then again I love the ultra matte liquid lipstick and everyone hates that. I love the packaging, shades and how comfortable this is on the lips. The only reason I can’t stand this is because this it forms a white line on the inner parts of my top and bottom lips even after only 20 minutes of wearing this. This happens every single I wear it and the product is not expired. Also, I’m not the only one this happened to so I guess it is common. Such a pity as I really loved these lippie stix but I cannot wear it.


7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – Nude

I know, I know, how can I dislike the Queen’s lipstick. But since trying so many different other formulas I’ve come to the conclusion I just don’t like this formula. It crumbles halfway throughout the day, settles in the lines of my lips and dries out my lips. Even though I wear lip balms before applying liquid lipsticks, that didn’t help too. I’ve just come to the conclusion I don’t like this formula, I think it’s a tad bit too thick and drying. Seeing that literally every brand has liquid lipsticks, there are so many other options I prefer. I think I’m the only person that doesn’t like this formula or Anastasia liquid lipsticks in general.


8. Batiste dry shampoo

You may think I’m trippin’ but this does the opposite of what it’s suppose to do to my hair. I’ve heard absolutely no one dislike this product so I might sound crazy. This made my hair appear even more dirty than what it seemed, and I disliked the texture it made my hair feel. I made sure not to use/ dispense too much product but that made no difference too. I used about half a bottle of the brunette and gave it away.


9. Dermalogica Precleanse wipes

I love Dermalogica to bits, I’ve worked with the brand before and honestly out of all their products, this is the only one I do not like. It’s quite pricey but so worth it to splurge on a product from this brand especially when it’s concerning the skin. However, these wipes did not remove my makeup and left a bit of a film on my skin which I do not like. I would rather prefer their Pre cleanse Oil which is amazing at removing the toughest makeup fast.


10. Ardell Lash Glue (black)

Between this and Duo, I don’t know which one takes longer to dry. I wait forever for this glue to get tacky. When they say wait for 15 to 30 seconds for the glue to get dry/ tacky, no honey, wait like a minimal of 3 minutes. Also why is it in a glass bottle? The only thing I like about this glue is that it’s actually black, not dark grey.




1. Mermaid and Unicorn Collections/ Brushes:

Anything to do this I’m not drawn to. It’s a fun concept but it reminds me of kids makeup. Aesthetically it’s pleasing but how practical is it for a day to day basis? The only time I would use this type of makeup is for a festival, Halloween or special occasion so purchasing an entire collection and then using it for one or two occasions isn’t ideal.


2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

His products may be the bomb to some people but the type of person he is whether he’s changed or not, I’m not supporting. End of.


3. Physicians Formula Butter Anything…

I’m mentioning names yes, brands like Physicians Formula, Catrice and Essence don’t cater to POC when it comes to products like bronzers, highlighters, foundations and concealers. I get that “you can’t sit with us” vibe.

I love Essence which was my very first drugstore makeup products I purchased and I still use it to this day, just not their face products, as well as Catrice and physicians formula.

The formula of the Butter line seems amazing but it’s too light for so many complexions. Get.It.Together.


4. Urban Decay Beach Collection

Nothing against this collection and the it may be good, but the shades and the entire collection isn’t screaming at me. The packaging is dope but the only people I’ve seen talk about this is guru’s who have been sent this collection.

Is it just me or is Urban Decay releasing a palette or collection every month. So skipping this collection won’t even be as bad as a company that only releases a palette every couple of months or so.


5. Huda Beauty Eye shadow Palette

These palettes are hella expensive to purchase in SA. Secondly she’s coming out with a new palette which makes it seem as if the previous palette was a waste. I don’t want to purchase a palette and then you release a better version of it later down the line or something to that effect. Release something completely different then. Her minis was a great concept but the big eye shadow palettes. Not here for any of it.



It sounds like PMS rant, but as much as I’m absolutely in love with beauty products and reviewing it, there’s a flip side whereas not every product is absolutely amazing and i feel like it’s my job to give you my honest opinion, especially when a number of people ask for it on a regular basis.


The next posts will be positive I promise 😉



Thanks for stopping by 😊

14 thoughts on “Products I Regret Purchasing and Anti Haul”

  1. Loved your article. Is there a contour palette you would recommend instead of that Nyx Pro Palette? I have it too and I only like the highlighter. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! I would recommend the Maybelline Master highlight and contour palette, I have done a review on that. And for highend I love Mac bronzers as well as smashbox or Bobbi Brown. Hope that helps:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with the Huda Beauty palette, it makes me think that the original was lacking in something and tons of people spent their money on it! I think it’s tacky.


  3. Its insane to me that people spend that much money on a single eyeshadow palette. Also, I’m bummed to see your review on the L.A Girl powder. I’ve been dying to try it but now.. alas, I shall not. =(

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I fully agree with you on the Batisse Dry Shampoo – it doesn’t soak up any oil when I use it, I might as well not use any product! I have found much better (and cheaper) alternatives like the Got2b line – works great. Really enjoyed your post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I hated the LA Girl powder too. Haven’t purchased the NYX because I already have bronzers etc that I would like to finish first. I feel you on the Butter Bronzers. The shade range is terrible! You’re lighter than me (I’m nc43.5 – nc44) so I feel like even if I applied the bronzer super thick (ewww) it still wont even show up. So sad because I really did want to try it. Brands need to get with the situation and release shades for EVERYONE. It makes me soooooo mad.

    Liked by 1 person

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