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Fenty Beauty Body Makeup Review

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This review is as exciting as the first time I got my hands on the release of Fenty’s Foundation and Gloss bomb which I still use and absolutely love, Click HERE to view full review on Fenty products. I know summer is approaching for some parts of the world and hence the reason why this was released just in time for those hot days and showing off some skin.


Body Lava – Who Needs Clothes and Brown Sugar


As per the website:

Body Lava (in a shade of your choice): Choose your favorite shade to dew your body right. Strip down in WHO NEEDS CLOTHES?!, a radiant rose gold, or glow up in BROWN SUGAR, a lustrous bronze. This smooth, gel-based body luminizer glides on and veils skin in a gloriously high-shine finish that feels as dewy as it looks.


My Experience:


The packaging of this is absolutely STUNNING! I cannot put this in a draw or hide it; it’s on display on my vanity still in the box. I had no idea it contains so much product and the weight is quite heavy too. It contains a pump which is perfect and can be used on any area of the body exposed. This will last such a long time as it does contain 90 ml.

The consistency is gel like as suggested and needs to be massaged into the skin but spreads and glides into the skin very well. It contains beautiful specks of shimmer which glisten more intensely in the sunlight or flashlight.

Both shades Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes suit my complexion or I could even mix both shades if I wanted to.

Besides this being ascetically pleasing, the scent of this is absolutely divine. I need a perfume in this sweet but gorgeous scent.

I love how glowy, radiant and healthy my skin appears but it does leave a slightly sticky feeling once you touch your skin even after 10 minutes or so. I don’t mind it as I’m not someone that touches my skin all the time, but just know that if you going to be around someone or hugging a bunch of people and this product is on your neck or décolleté this might bother you.


Contains 90ml/ 3 Fl.Oz

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.



Face and Kabuki Brush


As per the website:

Face & Body Kabuki Brush 160: Apply a thin, even layer of Body Lava all over your body with this soft, synthetic kabuki brush. A face and body kabuki brush with a custom angled design for blending liquid and powder formulas.

Custom cut at an angle for extra surface area, the unique brush head was designed to follow your curves for effortless diffusing. Plus, the luxe rounded handle provides comfortable control for a total body-buffing experience – not to mention it looks super chic on your vanity, too.

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.

My Experience:

This brush contains a ton of bristles densely packed but feels very soft on the skin. I’m glad this can be used on the face and body as I intend on using this to blend out foundation. It spreads and blends this out very well and does not soak up too much product. It’s small and compact but does not twist up or enclose to protect the bristles like the other brushes do. But this line isn’t really meant for traveling as the body lava is 90ml and the Fairy Bomb is quite big.




Fairy Bomb


As per the website:

Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom: Bless your body from head to toe with this oversized glittering puff, which is pre-packed with superfine 3D rose gold shimmer—born to let loose with every touch. Just dab and glow!

Ultra soft, plush, and larger-than-life, Fairy Bomb makes old school glam an every day luxury, delivering smooth, hyper-reflective glitter in all its glory. Bless your body from head to toe in a superfine glittering veil: The single rose gold shade, ROSÉ ON ICE, coats skin in the perfect prismatic pink designed to light up all skin tones. Plus, it’s softly scented with irresistible vanilla coconut for a full-on sensorial experience you can’t get enough of.


My Experience:

I could smell this Pom Pom before opening the packing, and it smells absolutely stunning. I took it out the packaging a number of times just to get a whiff of the scent. I feel like the ultimate girly girl when applying this as the packaging, scent and experience of all these products is so wonderful. The shimmers and glitter is very fine and in sunlight or flashlight is where it’s visible for maximum sheen and glow.

10.5g/ 0.37 Oz

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.





Overall Conclusion:

This is an ascetically pleasing collection or it may even be a collector’s item/s used for display purposes in beauty rooms. Applying on the skin and the scent is definitely an experience and the results of bringing the skin to life is what I personally enjoyed about this.

Yes I am a huge Riri fan but her brand is really doing well since it launched and with every release her and her team is killing it. Did you catch this tutorial for Vogue? Click HERE to view. She also demonstrated the Body Lava in that video which looked amazing on her.



Have you tried this collection before? What are your thoughts?



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14 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Body Makeup Review”

  1. Those Body Lava look so pretty – even though it’s winter coming for you, I bet it would look so nice to add colour and glow in the cooler months too.

    I watched a YouTube channel destroy that Fairy Bomb to see what was inside – it was so interesting to watch! Here’s the link:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true, I’ll wear it all year round though even on a small area of my body haha. I watched that vid a while ago yes, I forgot to mention it in the post, so interesting what those 2 woman do!


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