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Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes Review

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I usually purchase majority of my makeup brushes from affordable brands, but for a good variety it’s good to have some high end brushes too. High end brushes will last a number of years as well as cheaper brushes but some of my cheaper brushes have not lasted as long as I intended.

Brushes/ tools can honestly make or break any makeup look. Having the right tools for makeup application is any Makeup Artist’s bread and butter in the Makeup industry. For example you can have an affordable eye shadow but the tool you using to apply it can make all the difference. High-end brushes can be very pricey, if you were considering investing in a brand like Bobbi Brown or any other high-end brand; hopefully this post will help you decide…



Full Coverage Face Brush


As per the website:

Suitable for all our powder formulas, the short, tightly packed bristles of this ultra-soft brush effortlessly cut shine and deliver just the right amount of formula for an ultra-polished “HD” finish.

This brush can be used both dry and damp with our liquid foundations too.

Begin by brushing on formula around the nose, and then gently blend onto the rest of the skin. Be sure to add extra coverage where there’s any redness.


My Experience:

The handle or entire brush is very sturdy, contains some weight and no sign of breaking of falling apart any time soon (or ever). I don’t mind the yellow shade as its quick to find between the stack of brushes I own.

I honestly had no idea this was intended for powder products as I’ve been using it for applying and blending out foundation. It’s densely packed, round and shaped in a way that I assumed its best suited for foundation. But I never use brushes for its intended purpose anyway, there’s no set rules, use brushes to your discretion and how comfortable you feel.

I usually blend my foundation with a beauty blender and now I find myself using this brush as much as the beauty blender which I didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I am currently. It blends out my foundation seamlessly and effortlessly in seconds. It does not soak up product and I’m using less product/ pumps when using this brush. I honestly have not tried using this with powder but so far for foundation or cream products it works perfectly.

I have washed all these brushes a couple of times too and this particular one has not shed or lost its density and form.


Blush Brush


As per the website:

Luxuriously soft bristles and a rounded brush head make this one of our most popular picks.

Blush Brush is shaped to deposit the perfect amount of colour onto cheeks.

Gently stroke the Blush Brush over colour and lightly tap off excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks, blending outward and downward toward hairline for the most natural effect.


My Experience:

Another brush I have not used for its intended purpose. I have been using this for applying bronzer. It contains black bristles and the shape is round but slightly dome and slightly flat. Hopefully the pictures does it justice as my description may be a little bit confusing (I swear I am a blogger).

I don’t have huge cheekbones and I’ve been skipping blush lately which is weird as I use to be in love with blush, now I barely or don’t wear it on a daily basis. I’ve been more into bronzing which I’m slowly but surely becoming obsessed with. From matte to shimmers, I love bronzing. Therefore this brush is fitted personally for bronzing as the shape of it complements the parameters of my face and applies bronzer at the right intensity.

My only complaint I have with this brush is that it does shed. Like I previously mentioned I have washed these brushes a couple of times and this is the only brush that sheds out of the five I own from Bobbi Brown. For the price I don’t or wouldn’t expect a brush to shed the way it does. Therefore I am hoping it does last as long as a lot of high-end brushes do last and not have a short life span. But regardless of that factor, it performs superb and does the job well in terms of application and blending out product.


Concealer Blending Brush


As per the website:

A professional concealer brush that allows you to apply and blend at the same time. It’s the ideal brush for covering under eye circles.

Expertly designed to blend concealers, it leaves you with invisible coverage so all you see is skin.

Use with correctors and concealers to apply, layer and blend.


My Experience:


I didn’t think I would like how long these bristles are but I actually love the length. It’s flat with just enough density but flexibility as well. This packs on product very well. I’ve used it to cut out my crease with a thick concealer and I’ve used this to pack on eye shadow on my eyelid. Both ways it works perfectly.

I’ve also been using this to clean up my eyebrows using concealer which provides precision and creates a sharp, clean appearance to my brows.

This does not shed and is one of the quickest brushes to wash and dry. Absolutely love this brush.


Eye Sweep Brush


As per the website:

With soft bristles and a full, rounded shape, this is the perfect all-around eye shadow brush.

Applies the right amount of eye shadow to the lower lid and crease. Can also be used to apply “base” colour over the entire lid.

Use to apply base colours over the entire lid or to apply eye shadow along the lower lid and crease.


My Experience:


I didn’t realise how useful a brush like this would be until I owned it. You would think this is an unnecessary brush until you start using it, and now I use it every single time I apply makeup. I use this in varies ways; to set my eye shadow primer on my eyelid, to set my concealer under my eyes with powder, if I’m using minimal eye shadow on my eyelid I will use this to apply a transition shade in the crease or all over my eyelid.

This does not shed, is very easy to clean, wash but takes but takes a bit longer to dry than my normal eye shadow brushes.

I love the shape of it and its round but tapered and a bit flat too. It really packs on product onto the skin and even eye shadows that I thought were not that pigmented, with this brush it actually packs on shades more intensely than I thought.


Full Coverage Touch Up Brush


As per the website:

This small, tapered version of our Full Coverage Face Brush is perfect for applying, blending and buffing foundation in hard-to-reach areas and concealer under the eyes.

If you tend to have redness around your nose and mouth, this brush is the perfect tool for achieving complete coverage. A tapered brush head lets you get at even the hardest-to-reach spots, while the short, tightly packed bristles are ideal for buffing and blending (but still feel ultra-soft on skin). Also works to blend Corrector and Concealer for imperceptible under eye coverage.

Apply any of Bobbi Brown’s foundation formulas around nose and mouth (or wherever you need extra coverage), and blend outwards as needed. Use a stippling motion to blend product into skin. Can also be used to apply Corrector and Concealer under the eyes.


My Experience:


Another brush I didn’t think I would love or need as much as I do now. I use this also every time I apply makeup. The shape is tapered and as suggested gets into those hard to reach places.

I use this to apply and blend concealer especially blending out concealer around my nose and inner corners of the eyes where my beauty blender sometimes cannot reach that well. I usually do my eye shadow then foundation and concealer so having a brush like this especially to blend out the inner and outer corners is so convenient without disrupting my eye shadow. It does not soak up product and blends out colour corrector and concealer very well. I usually do not blend out concealer with a brush, I use a beauty blender, but with this brush it’s like a beauty blender on a stick…

It does not shed at all but takes a while to get dry which I don’t mind as I wash all my brushes on Sundays as I don’t wear makeup on Mondays.


Have you tried Bobbi Brown Brushes before?

What are your favorite high-end makeup brushes?



Thanks for stopping by 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes Review”

  1. I adore Bobbi Brown brushes, their face blender is my favourite foundation brush. I love the full coverage face brush too & their fine liner brush is great for getting a nice, thin precise line with gel liner. Their bronzer brush and their face brush are brilliant too.

    Their brushes are expensive but they’re worth every penny, they last for years, they are reliable, sturdy and durable. I’ve had some of mine for 5-6 years now and they’re still going strong.


    1. Oh yay! I should definitely try the liner brush too. Thank you so much for your input, I feel better about this investment and knowing it lasts for so many years is everything 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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