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The Body Shop Hand Cream and Lip Butter Review

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If you don’t know, hi I’m Reeva and I’m addicted to The Body Shop products! I was browsing on the stores recently and needed a hand and lip balm for my bedside table for the evenings to apply of course.

I tried their hand cream maybe three times as a tester in store but I’ve never purchased any of it until now. However I have tried their lip balms but that was years ago and I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not so hence purchasing it now made sense.


Shea Hand Cream


As per the website:


Perfect for on-the-go hydration, don’t leave home without this hand cream. Infused with the scent of shea, the light, gel-cream formula absorbs quickly, helping to soften and protect the hands.

  • Hand cream
  • Nourishes hands
  • Light, non-greasy texture
  • Leaves hands feeling softer and smoother
  • Community Trade shea butter from Tamale, Ghana


My Experience:


I’m not really picky when it comes to hand creams to be honest. As long as it moisturises and hydrates my hands without leaving a greasy feeling and if it smells decent or no scent at all I don’t mind. I wash my hands or have a job where my hands have to be clean constantly so by the end of the day my hands are pretty worn out and having this beside my bed is a life saver.

This contains 30ml of product which is small and convenient. I wanted to give the smaller size a shot before purchasing the full size. It’s a good thing I purchased the small size as I thought this was the coconut I grabbed and didn’t realise its Shea (both have brown shades on the packaging). Not that I mind as I do enjoy the scent of this too. This size is also very convenient to travel with or throw in your handbag. I do enjoy the packaging it comes in as I can squeeze every last inch of the product out, it reminds me of the packaging of toothpaste for reference.

The texture is very lightweight, it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film. My hands feel hydrated and the scent isn’t overpowering at all.

I will definitely purchase the full size of this product and maybe try another scent of their hand creams too.


Full size product contains 100 ml of product and retails for R130. Smaller size contains 30ml and retails for R60.


Shea Lip Butter


As per the website:


With added Community Trade beeswax from Zambia and the antioxidant vitamin E to care for and pamper lips.


My Experience:


Again, I thought this was the coconut scent/ flavor I grabbed but this is also Shea which I don’t mind at all as it smells absolutely delicious. It also tastes good just in case a tiny bit goes into your mouth. The packaging requires you to dig your finger inside the pot and scoop some out and apply on your lips which is my only drawback as I don’t really like digging my fingers in products. Because I absolutely love this lip balm, excuse me, lip butter so much I look past that.

The formula and texture of this really does remind me of butter as the name suggests and it’s one of those lip butters that does not make my lips feel even drier than what it was. I’ve tried so many lip balms or lip treatments that may hydrate my lips for a short while but then my lips feel and appear drier afterwards. This doesn’t do that at all as I continue to use it night after night. I’m actually running out of this very quickly as I drench my lips in this. By the morning my lips are still hydrated and I can still feel this product on my lips which is amazing as I’m someone that sleeps like I’m in a wrestling ring most nights. I wear tons of lip stains, liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks which can chap and dehydrated my lips, but this has diminished and helped make it easier to wear any lippie I decide to.

I would definitely repurchase this product and also try out their other scents/ flavors.


Contains 10ml of product and retails for R60.



The Body Shop is free from harsh ingredients, cruelty free and Vegan.


Have you tried these products?



Thanks for stopping by 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Hand Cream and Lip Butter Review”

  1. I’m also obsessed with all thing Body Shop! I have the shea lip butter sitting on my desk right now (at work) and I had the coconut hand cream here as well, until I used it all up last week. I’d definitely recommend the coconut hand cream if you want to try something new; it smells amazing and reminds me of summer every time I put it on! Glad to find another Body Shop addict (I used to work there, so maybe I’m a little bit biased 😉


    1. Awww that’s sooooo cool! Thank you for your recommendation, I will definitely pick up the coconut next time. I’m actually slathering the lip butter on right now haha ❤️


    1. Yay! So glad to find more and more people love the Body Shop. It’s so under rated (at least what I’ve seen and think) and they need so much more appraisals


  2. Shea is one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop 🙂 I tried the Strawberry lip butter and really liked it, maybe once I’ve used up some other lip balms I’ll try the Shea one.


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