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Essence Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick and Banana Powder Review

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I’m a huge fan of Essence Cosmetics and this was the very first brand I purchased makeup from when I started wearing makeup and purchase their products. It’s so affordable and the quality is amazing. Not every single product is amazing like any other brand, but usually most of it has the same standards.


Color Boost Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick


As per the website:

These liquid lipsticks offer high color pigmentation and a breathtaking, glossy finish reminiscent of melted latex. thanks to the high pigmentation and liquid texture, the lipstick glides over the lips and offers perfect coverage with just one application. available in a cool tube design and a varied color range.

My Experience:

The packaging is what caught me initially. I love the tube style packaging and thankfully it contains a wand. I purchased mine in the shade Woody Rose as it seemed the most applicable personally.

The word ‘vinylicious’ is also what caught me as I imagined the finish to be intense but beautiful.

As I mentioned it contains a wand with a doe foot applicator but the applicator seems to have an hour glass shape which I quite like.

I know many may think of a matte formula hat dries down when you see the words liquid lipstick, but this isn’t matte and no where does it say matte on the packaging or claims. It’s a glossy formula but highly pigmented. I repeat, highly pigmented. I applied this with no lip liner or lipstick and the formula is so smooth and luxurious. It felt high end and so comfortable on the lips from this first application/ swipe till I removed it at the end of the day. I see what it means by the vinyl effect as it appears ultra glossy. It’s not sticky or uncomfortable, this is actually one of the most comfortable lip product’s I’ve applied ever.

I love the shade of this and the pigmentation is opaque. It can be worn alone as I did the first time wearing this or it can be worn on top of other lip products too.

I definitely recommend this product. The only negative complaint is that I only see 8 shades available online and only 5 in store when I purchased this.

Contains 8 ml/ 0,27 fl.oz. Retails for R59,95. I purchased mine at Dischem but this can be purchased at Clicks pharmacies too.


Banana Powder


As per the website:

The translucent, mattifying powder in a very soft yellow is ideal for the “concealer baking” technique, or for setting matt highlights.

My Experience:

To be honest I bought into the hype, this is raved about all over social media and seeing that my wet n wild contour and highlight powder ran out I decided to try this. The packaging is simple, transparent and easy to find with a substantial amount of product.

Upon swatching it, it seemed very creamy and pigmented. My brush picked up the product very well with very minimal kick up. In comparison to the wet n wild that had quite a bit of kick up and I was wasting so much product with how powdery and how much kick up it had.

This did a good job of brightening up my under eyes but it faded slightly throughout the day and does not stay as bright as it appeared the first time I applied it. I used this to touch up during the day today when the brightness starting fading and it definitely helped with brightening up the skin. Unfortunately my under eyes did seem a little dry and it emphasized the fine lines under my eyes once I touched up. Also, yesterday I did apply 2 to 3 layers of this under my eyes and that’s also when I noticed it appeared dry and my fine lines were prominent. Therefore today I only applied one layer and then touched up throughout the day, and only after touching up it appeared slightly dry but not as dry as when I applied 2 to 3 of this previously.

Overall I do still enjoy this product and will continue using it. It does not contain any flashback in photos and using only one layer will be sufficient to brighten up the skin for a couple of hours, give or take 4 or maybe 4 and a half hours maximum.

There is another shade named peach powder but I haven’t tried that as I assumed that’s not brightening enough for my complexion. However I’m glad there is a peach shade available for deeper complexions.


Contains 9g/ Net Wt. / 0.31 oz. Retails for R64,95.



Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?



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