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Catrice Camouflage Concealer and Lip Foundation Review

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I must admit whenever an affordable product is hyped and I can get my hands on it, I’m always open to trying it. I’ve walked passed this concealer for so many months although it was raved about and never considered giving it a try. I’ve also never noticed their lip foundations/ lip liner until a YouTuber spoke about it. I feel like Catrice Cosmetics has some hits and misses and knowing which to choose is vital as it can go horribly wrong or extremely good with their products.



Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage 24 Hour Concealer


As per the website:

High-coverage and ultra long- lasting

• Waterproof, liquid texture

• Optimal coverage and care at the same time

Dark under-eye circles, skin irregularities and redness are a thing of the past – the Liquid Camouflage offers optimal coverage and care. The liquid formula is highly pigmented, waterproof and therefore particularly long-lasting. The practical flock applicator guarantees an easy application.



My Experience:

The packaging is standard, contains a doe foot applicator which is a little bit small in my opinion. I like that I can see how much product I get and how much is being used to determine how long it takes to reach the end of the container.

The formula is very creamy, hydrating but not drying at all. It offers medium to buildable coverage and seems pigmented. Again, SEEMS. Because the doe foot applicator is small I had to dip the wand in 3 to 4 times for my normal application.

This blends out like a dream and I always set my concealer no matter what concealer it is with translucent loose powder.

Unfortunately that’s as far as the positive claims goes, personally…

The application and blend-ability was a breeze but the shade, intensity and longevity did not perform. It actually angers me that there are only 5 shades available in this concealer and honey being the darkest shade which is the one I own. Even in the picture it’s visible how light the shade honey is and this is their darkest shade?! Com’on bruh!

It’s visible that this is too light for me as it appeared grey under my eyes after bending it out and was not as pigmented and full coverage as I expected it. If it was full coverage I’m assuming the grey undertones would not be as prominent as it appeared. Also the claim of 24 hour waterproof is not true. I have watery eyes and on the day I tested it my eyes were watering for only 5 minutes and thankfully it stopped watering after a maximum of 5 minutes. I didn’t rub, wipe off or smear my eyes. I dabbed a tissue every so slightly to eliminate the tears in the corner of my eye while being very gentle. Once my eyes stopped watery I noticed the concealer faded tremendously, the grey tones seemed so much more prominent and by the end of the day it looked as if I applied a light coverage concealer, not set it and walked out the door. I tried it for a couple of days after that and the same thing happened. My eyes did not water but it faded throughout the day, the grey tones seemed more prominent as the day went on and my eyes did not appear awake and concealed. I even used a color corrector underneath this as I wanted to give this a fair shot.

I’ve used concealers in the past that are light to brighten and highlight and those have all worked on its own. For example Nars Radiant Creamy concealer in custard I love and can get away with using it alone and it still brightens, conceals and does not appear grey under my eyes. Another one being Maybelline Neutralizer which is also fair but I can wear that alone as the coverage of that is full and works great.

Last but not least this creased so badly under my eyes. Within the first hour of wear time it creased drastically.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this, i know a number of people rave about this concealer but I don’t agree. I will most likely end up mixing this with a dark concealer as I don’t like wasting products.


Contains 5.0 ml/ 0.16 Fl.oz

Retails for R79,95.

Catrice is sold at Dischem Pharmacy



Catrice Lip Foundation (Caramel Blonde To Go)



As per the website:

• Lip Pencil in different nude shades

• Fast-drying texture with a velvety-matt finish

• For contouring, priming and filling in the lips

• Vegan

New Generation. Matt meets Nude. The result: multifunctional Lip Pencils with a fast-drying, smooth formula and a velvety-matt finish. The lips can be contoured, primed or completely covered in various skin tones. The pencil softly glides across the lips and intensifies the colour applied on top.

Beauty Tip

Careful priming is not only a must before applying foundation, it also ensures gorgeous results when applied under lipstick, for example, with a Lip Pencil. The smoother the basis, the more the colour on top will stand out. In addition to intensifying the effect of the colour, a good base will also make it last longer.


My Experience:

I enjoy the sleek packaging with the shade on the end and lid visible.

I thought this was retractable but it’s not which I don’t mind.

I love pink nude undertones when choosing a lipstick or lip liner hence I choose this pink nude named Caramel Blonde To Go. I know the idea is to choose a shade close to your skin tone/ natural lip shade but I don’t like how dark and more of a brown undertone my lips are, hence a pink toned nude is what I prefer.

The formula of this is so creamy, one swipe glides on with ease and this is hands down one of the best formulas (high end and low end) I’ve tried in lip liners. It dries down matte but a very comfortable matte and I’ve worn this on its own the first time, and it’s worn beautifully throughout the day. It did not separate, crake or ball up. It faded evenly and it did not cake up or dry my lips out.

I’ve been using this almost every day and I’m going to be running out very soon as I’m almost halfway through this by now. I will most likely pick up the other 4 shades (they only carry 5 in total).

My only complaint is that there isn’t many shade selections.

It lasts throughout the day, ensures my lipsticks or lip glosses lasts even longer with this underneath and very comfortable on the lips.

I would definitely recommend this lip foundation. The fact that it’s also affordable is a bonus.


Contains 1.3g/net wt. 0.045 oz. of product.

Retails for R49,95 at Dischem Pharmacy



Have you tried either of these products? What are your thoughts?



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