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L’Oréal Infallible Foundation Stick Review

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Foundations are one of my favorite makeup products to try. Even though stick foundations have not been a winner I decided to try this affordable one as the last one I tried was from Lancôme and that didn’t work out well. I presumed since this is much cheaper than the Lancôme stick foundation (which I finally managed to finish recently), if this didn’t work out then I’d most likely be done with stick foundations. Here are my thoughts and experiences:


Lóreal Infallible Stick Foundation

Before I get into the claims about this product, on their website I read through do’s and don’ts on stick foundations and I thought that these tips are very helpful especially if you new to stick foundations.

⁃ Do choose the right shade. Warm or cool shades are chosen according to your undertone. L’Oréal offers 12 blend-able shades from Ivory to Espresso.

⁃ Make sure your skin is clean and well prepped.

⁃ Don’t twist the stick too high.

⁃ Don’t apply all over the face. Use lines or dots in certain areas of the face to apply the product.

⁃ Use for contouring and highlighting on the parameters of the face and centre of the face.

⁃ Don’t neglect blending.

⁃ Apply a setting powder.

Highly pigmented, creamy formula. Super blend-able, super buildable. 24 hour long lasting wear.


My Experience:

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to the amount of product you get in this versus the new Maybelline Stick Foundation. This seems to have the usual or standard amount of product.

I purchased mine in the shade 200 Honey which seems to be a good match. But bruh, 12 shades ONLY?

Anyway… the price of this was very affordable and stick foundations usually lasts a bit longer than liquid foundations (personally).

The formula is very smooth, hydrating and very much comparable to a high end stick foundation. Upon application it melts and blends into my skin with ease. It does not appear or feel dry and dull. I tried blending this with a damp beauty blender and a brush and don’t mind either way but prefer a brush. The claims of it being buildable and blend-able are true. I applied one layer and then another and it did not appear cakey and did not feel heavy on my skin.

This is so lightweight and it feels as if I’m not wearing any foundation at all although I’ve built it up to a medium coverage.

I wore this throughout the day it definitely lasted an entire working day. This has a natural/ satin finish on my skin and I did set it with powder only in my T-zone and under my eyes. The rest of the areas I did not set and no patchiness or fading appeared throughout the day.


As you can view in the picture I have not edited this picture, and this is after 9 hours of wear at work. Wore pretty good hey?


This is probably the best stick foundation I’ve tried to date. The claims are true, the blend-ability, buildable coverage and the fact that it melts into my skin, appears natural and skin-like is a huge positive factor.

I would recommend this to varies skin types. If you have dry or combination skin you probably wouldn’t need to set it as much as someone with oily skin. For oily skin I would recommend baking to ensure it’s locked into place and lasts throughout the day.

The only complaint is the lack of shades.



Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?



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9 thoughts on “L’Oréal Infallible Foundation Stick Review”

  1. L’oreal’s shade range is consistently disappointing. I have their infallible 24 Hour Stay Matte Foundation and the undertone is too neutral . But I like the formula so I try to make it work.


    1. That’s true! I tried the infallible matte that everyone raves about and I couldn’t find my shade and the formula did not work for me. But drugstore brands as a whole need to work on their shade range. Thank you for your input doll ❤️


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