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Beauty Treats Rose Gold Nudes Palette Review

Hey Beauties!


I ‘accidentally’ spotted this the other day walking past to go into another isle. Beauty Treats is a brand stocked at my local pharmacy and this is their second eye shadow palette I own. This actually reminded me of the old Morphe 25A or 25B palette’s. Beauty Treats is such an affordable brand with some hidden gems if you take the time to properly review their range.


Rose Gold Nudes Eye shadow Palette

I love the packaging. It’s simple, transparent with a variety of matte and shimmer shades. Each pan size is substantial and square shaped which is the average amount of product per shadow. This contains 25 eye shadows to the value of R89,95 for this palette, which is theory you paying only R3,60 per shadow on average which is crazy.

This is a warm toned palette which in my opinion is every girl’s dream. There are some neutral shades, pink, brown, red, rose gold, gold etc.

The pigmentation is what really shocked me as it’s stunning! I honestly thought this was going to be dusty, chalky and barely show up on my eyes. No, the pigmentation was there, the blend-ability was there too and the color pay off was spectacular. I was so surprised yet wondered how this palette performs so well for such a low price point.

I didn’t experience that much fall out under my eyes or face but there was kickback in the palette. I didn’t mind that as some high end eye shadows have a ton more kick back than this (I won’t mention any names…).

I did not use any setting spray when applying the shimmer shades and still the quality and pigmentation was opaque. As you can tell in the picture I tried using as many shades as I could. The only 2 shades that did not show up in the swatch and my brow bone were the matte cream and matte white shades. Still that didn’t bother me that much as only used those 2 shades on my brow bone as a base and then I usually go over that with my face highlight shade.

The other palette I own I received it as a gift and some of my makeup looks I’ve done with that palette which does have more bright shades in it. Overall that palette performed well too. I think as a whole, I do enjoy this brand’s eye shadows.

Overall for the price, will definitely recommend this palette. I’ve been wearing it 3 days straight and this does last the entire day as long as you priming your eyes.


Retails for R89,95. Beauty Treats is stocked at Dischem Pharmacies.



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10 thoughts on “Beauty Treats Rose Gold Nudes Palette Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this review! I saw this that Dischem this morning and was on the fence about it. You’ve clarified all my questions – God bless and have an awesome day!


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