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My Current Beauty Favorites

Hey Beauties!



Over these past couple of months I’ve tried and tested a number of beauty products and found some keepers that are part of my regular and everyday routine. I don’t do monthly favorites therefore I do my favorites every couple of months. I won’t do full reviews on each product as this would be a super long post, instead I will state the product and the main reason/s why I love it, as well as links if I have done a full review on certain products.


Hey Gorgeous Decadent Body Souffle

Click HERE for full review. As I mentioned in my review, this has come very close if not a tab bit (tiny tiny) bit better than The Body Shop Body Butters which is basically the only two body creams I now use. The texture, scent and ingredients are luxuries, natural and pure. This absorbs really well into the skin without that sticky, greasy feeling and it keeps my skin hydrated all day.

Fenty Body Lava

Click HERE for full review. Firstly, the packaging is absolutely stunning. This lives on my vanity as a beautiful display. Secondly, the scent is absolutely divine (I need a perfume close or exactly this scent). And lastly, this makes my skin glow for days. Stunning.



Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage 24 Hour Foundation

Click HERE for full review. I reach for this foundation more than a high end foundation which speaks volumes. The formula and longevity blew me away. Most of all I love how my skin looks with this foundation on, airbrushed, flawless and natural. Some foundations look good after an hour or so of wearing it, some look bad at the end of the day, and some only look good once you apply a bunch of other products to enhance it. This looks good no matter what, from the moment I apply it to the moment I have to remove it, as well as on its own i.e. it doesn’t need a ton of concealer or a bunch of powders to make it look good on the skin.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

Another Maybelline product, but this brand kills it with certain products. This concealer is full coverage which lasts the entire day or night. I have no issues with creasing, fading or this shade in particular. I can mix this with other concealers or wear this on its own. It’s brightening, long wearing and the formula is just right.

KKW Contour and Highlight Palette

Click HEREfor full review. So many people don’t like admitting when Kim or Kylie’s products are good, and then so many bash them cause they hate the Kardashian Clan. Personally, I love their products and their hustle. I think Kim is stepping up her game and this Contour kit surprised me with how buttery, soft and pigmented it is. The packaging is also stunning as I’m a huge fan of nude toned shades like this and her concept is modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing. I wouldn’t mind trying more of her products. No shame.

Fenty Killawatt Freestyler Highlighters

Click HERE for full review. Another celebrity that’s killing it in the makeup industry. I got really excited when she launched her line last year and still get excited with the release of their products. I will feature three of her products in this post but that’s because I truly have been loving and using these products so much over these past couple of months. These highlighters are absolutely stunning. Not only is it blinding but no matter how many times you layer it, it doesn’t make my skin appear nasty or emphasize texture. My skin appears smooth, radiant and glowing.

Lancome Monsier Big Mascara

I love how voluminous, long and intensely black my lashes appear after only 2 coats of this mascara. It builds up length and volume very quickly with minimal strokes. It does not flake or smudge during the day and the intensity lasts for hours and hours. I wasn’t too fond of this mascara when I first started using it or even when I did a review on it. But now, I have fallen in love and it was definitely worth the price tag.

Yardley Absolute Loose Powder

I’ve tried other powders, tried loving other powders both high end and affordable. However, I always end up going back to this. The consistency is so thin and lightweight. This keeps my makeup in place all day long and because it has a tint there is no flashback in pictures and prevents my face from looking powdery or cakey. I no longer wear those harsh white powders as I find my skin appears grey and it causes flashbacks. With this powder it provides brightness and is best suited for my complexion. I can bake with this or apply a light layer to set my under eyes and entire face.


The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

Click HERE for full review. This is in the flavor/ scent Shea which is so pleasant and not overpowering at all. This moisturizers my lips for hours and is perfect for dry, cracked lips.

Catrice Lip Foundation

Click HERE for full review. This has quickly become my favorite lip liner, even beating Essence lip liners which is now second place. The formula and longevity of this so smooth, long lasting and pigmented. One swipe color pay off. Holy grail status.

Fenty Universal Gloss Bomb

The Fenty gloss bomb’s scent and packaging makes me feel expensive. The scent is so yummy and the formula is not sticky at all and the shade compliments any lip color I wear or sometimes I wear this on its own.

Essence Vinylicious Liquid Lip

Click HERE for full review of the Essence liquid lip. The intensity/ pigmentation of this blew me away. The formula and texture performs like a high end lip product, still cannot believe how good this is. And the scent is also very pleasant.

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

Although this is a sample size, it’s lasting me quite a while. I’ve never tried anything from YSL and I love the formula of this. It’s very lightweight, long lasting and it does stain my lips in a good way. Once it starts fading a tiny bit it doesn’t look crusty, it doesn’t break up in chunks nor looks weird. Because of the stain factor my lips look more natural and I love this true red shade.


Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes

Click HERE to view full post. These brushes have been part of my every day routine. I’m absolutely loving the quality and performance of all these brushes. Definitely a good investment.

Pink Cosmetics Solid Brush Cleaner

Click HERE for full review. This is a recent add on, but this has cut down the time I take to clean my brushes and it’s an all in one convenient product. This deeply cleanses my brushes and beauty blenders and I’m absolutely loving the concept and all natural ingredients in this product.


Avon Advance Techniques Firm Hold Styling Hairspray

This holds my hairstyle for days. I dislike hair sprays that leave my hair feeling crunchy or straw-like, this doesn’t do that. The packaging contains a twist mechanism to open and close which makes it easy because I always loose the lids or caps of products. It doesn’t spray aggressively or too fine and I like the black packaging which makes it appear sleek. Avon is usually affordable and this was decently priced.

Dischem Mirror Stand

My brother’s girlfriend purchased this mirror at Dischem for only R90 and I had it to get it immediately after I saw it. Not only is it my favorite color but there’s a magnifying side and a normal side. Also the length is perfect as I’m not crouching and leaning over/ looking down into a mirror, I can look up and it doesn’t cause strain on my neck, back and shoulders. I didn’t realize how important the length of a mirror is for my upper body’s posture and to avoid strain. It’s also very affordable for how sturdy it is.



What are some of your favorites lately? Any recommendations?




Thanks for stopping by 😊

15 thoughts on “My Current Beauty Favorites”

  1. Always enjoy reading your posts
    . They also inspire me to try new products.
    Have you tried metallic lipstick? Loving mine.


  2. The Maybelline foundation sounds really great, after I finish up a couple of my current foundations I might give it a go! I’ve heard really good things about that Lancome mascara too 🙂


      1. I’ve have not really tried much products from Max Factor besides their lip products which I like, should try some more from this line especially this foundation you recommended. Thanks Chanelle!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great review! So sweet you added Avon. 😀 Among all the other beauty products out here, it’s a brand that hasn’t been talked about in a while and they’re still making good products.


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