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Mac Cosmetics Matchmaster Foundation and Studio Fix Powder Review

Hey Beauties!

Mac Cosmetics will always have my heart as this is the first high-end brand I ever purchased from. My collection of this brand has slowly but surely grown so much of the years and I don’t think there will be a time when I stop using Mac completely. I still love their products so much and I still cherish even the staple products in my collection.


Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

As per the website:


Proprietary foundation formula uses Shade Intelligence Technology to offer customizable pigments that adjust to your skin tone in a flawless matte finish with medium buildable coverage and broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15/PA++ protection. Gives perfect colour purity without looking ashy or chalky, reduces shine on the skin’s surface and helps to absorb excess oil. Refines skin while minimizing the appearance of pores and imperfections.


Long-wearing, 8 hours

Offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15

Provides stay-true colour


Controls oil

Refines skin

For all skin types

Dermatologist tested

Ophthalmologist tested



Apply to face using a sponge or foundation brush.

Blend with fingers, sponge or brush.

My Experience:

I know everyone raves about the Studio Fix Fluid which I loved years back too. I decided to go with this foundation in particular because of the shade intelligence technology which adjusts to my skin tone.

The packaging contains a pump which I like because the studio fix fluid does not contain a pump.

The Artist color matched me to shade 4. She also applied shade 3 to see the comparison. We both decided shade 4 would be the better option as it did oxidize slightly and shade 3 seemed a bit too light still. What I appreciated is that she gave me a sample of shade 4 and told me not to open the new bottle which I purchased, and to use the sample first to see if I’m absolutely sure about the shade. If the sample wasn’t the right shade I could exchange the unopened bottle for another shade.

Upon application it seemed a tad bit light. I blended this out with a sponge to achieve medium coverage. I then added a second layer to build up the coverage and it appeared very even and natural on my skin. I waited a couple of minutes while I did my eye makeup and it darkened slightly. I then applied concealer and powders including the studio fix powder on top and that gave me no problems at all.

I wore this all day and this lasted on my skin very well. In general Mac foundations work well on my skin and I generally love the finish and longevity.

One thing that stands out about this is that I payed close attention to the how this foundation adjusts to my skin tone. The morning when I applied it, it seemed a bit too light and I thought I might have to pop into Mac to exchange the shade. However the longer I wore this foundation, the more I could see how well it adjusted to my skin. It did get slightly darker than when I applied it, and it wore and appeared better and better throughout the day. I asked around (people I know of course, not strangers) if the shade seemed like it matched me and they all said yes it matched quite well.

At the end of the day my skin still looked pleasantly stunning. The foundation did not move, slip or slide. My t-zone did not get oily at all and it remained transfer resistant.


Studio Fix Perfecting Powder

As per the website:


A pro-quality, refined loose powder to set makeup with a matte finish. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it wears comfortably for hours without feeling drying. With sheer coverage, M∙A∙C Studio Fix Perfecting Powder is a universal makeup must for beginners and buffs alike.


Reduces appearance of pores

Sets makeup without disturbing colour

Controls oil


Features a comfortable formula


For all skin types


Dermatologist tested


For a light dusting, apply all over face using a brush such as the 190SH or 167SH Brushes.

For a more velvety smooth finish, use the Luxury Powder Puff all over face.

My Experience:

I love that this contains the mesh packaging which prevents powder from spilling all over the place and creating a mess.

I chose the shade Medium Dark which to be honest I could have chosen a lighter shade/ one down but it’s no biggie. I dusted a light layer of this with a powder brush over my entire face to set my makeup.

The powder is finely mild and although it may seem as if I’m applying nothing on my skin, this powder actually made a difference. I didn’t wear this powder two days ago and my foundation and other powders did not last the entire day as well. Yesterday when I wore the same foundation, concealer and powders as two days ago, this powder ensured that makeup lasted all day. With this powder my makeup stayed in place, my skin stayed matte (but not flat) and it looked as if I just applied my makeup even at the end of the day.

Totally in love with this powder. It can be used for baking as well but I would need to get a lighter shade in order to do so.

I would definitely recommend this powder.



Have you tried one or both these products? What are your thoughts?



Thanks for stopping by 😊

9 thoughts on “Mac Cosmetics Matchmaster Foundation and Studio Fix Powder Review”

  1. I used to love the Pro Longwear foundation. But now shades are too orange or too yellow on me. There really aren’t many neutral options with MAC. It’s either cool or warm. Which is too bad. But I still love a lot of their other products.


  2. The MAC Matchmaster is my current favourite foundation! Not many people talk about it but it works so well for my skin. It adjusts to my skin tone too and it wears beautifully through the day.
    I’ve not tried their Studio Fix powder – I’ll keep it in mind! I’ve been on a loose powder kick lately.


    1. I guess that’s why I’m happy I chose a shade that’s a bit too light for me with the Matchmaster. Like I mentioned, it was a tad bit light and then an hour after application it matched my skin tone quite well and wore and adjusted better throughout the day.
      Yes the powder combats oiliness. I actually used it yesterday to touch up my t-zone after sweating and running around in the middle of the day and it kept my t-zone in tact for the rest of the day. Definitely helps with oiliness.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that’s the best thing to do with MAC foundations tbh. I find them a bit too heavy so I’m using Lancôme right now.
        Good to hear that the powder actually does help to combat oiliness.
        I’ll definitely check it out.


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