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Chanel Le Volume vs Hourglass Caution Mascara

Hey Beauties!

Today I will be comparing two high end mascaras that I’ve been testing for the past couple of weeks.


Chanel Le Volume Mascara

As per the website:

A mascara that offers instant volume from the very first stroke for longer, plumper and thicker lashes. Lashes are coated in deep colour, giving eyes a wide-open look.

The perfect union of brush and formula for intense volume:

• The brush, which was developed exclusively for CHANEL, sculpts volume thanks to its disks that are stacked and oriented for an impeccable finish.

• The quick-drying fluid formula helps build a customised volume result.

• A blend of waxes for instant volume.

• Rapid-drying acacia gum to set the curl defined by the brush and intensify volume with each stroke.

• Film-forming agents to preserve the suppleness of lashes and offer an even volume result.

Ophthalmologist tested, suitable for contact lens wearers.

Available in 4 shades.

My Experience:

Although I have sample sizes, the packaging on the full size is also black, sleek with Chanel’s staple font and logo.

It does contain a rubber wand which I typically don’t prefer but it has a ton of short bristles. Once it’s opened quite a bit of product is on the wand which I thought was too much on the wand at first but realized that’s what makes it so easy and fast to apply. You don’t have to dip the wand in the packaging numerous times to build up intensity. Although it’s marketed to create volume I noticed it provides length too.

I wore this for a full day at work and it did not smudge, flake or fade throughout the day at all. My lashes appeared the same from beginning to end. It’s a great mascara for on the go or when you in a hurry to achieve volume (and length) in no time at all. Also the pigmentation is super black. It does not clump up even after 3 or 4 layers and it does not flake at all which is a huge bonus. The formula/ consistency is just right, not too thick where my lashes clump and not too thin where I’m trying to build up volume after 16 coats.

My only ‘complaint’ is that the wand is a tad big and long but it gets the job done.

It doesn’t take long to remove as well seeing that it’s not a waterproof mascara.

Made in Italy.


Hourglass Caution Extreme Mascara

As per the website:

endless length, intense volume and sky-high lift for extreme, dramatic lashes. The combination of the innovative 4D Amplifier™ brush with the continuously buildable formula create lashes that defy the boundaries of traditional mascara.

• 4D Amplifier™ brush combines 2 brushes in 1 to deliver volume, length, lift and definition for extreme lashes

• Saturates lashes from root-to-tip for the most volume in a single stroke

• Perfectly coats the bottom lashes without smudging onto the lower lashline

• Tapered end reaches even the smallest lashes in the corners of the eyes

• Smooth, buildable, ultra-black formula creates dramatic but weightless lashes that don’t smudge or flake

My Experience:

The packaging is unique in a triangular shape like their highlighters and foundation. The sample size is in black while the full size is gold. The packaging and design is eye catching and extravagant to say the least.

This contains a brush wand which I love. The wand is tapered at the tip to ensure it reaches every lash even the stubborn tiny hairs.

The formula is also just right, not too thick nor too thin. I’m able to build up volume and length in just a couple of strokes. What I love about this mascara is the wand, how intense and black it is and it provides just enough volume and length with the perfect amount of product on the wand to do so. I don’t find that I’m struggling to apply mascara, it’s effortless, simple and fast. I even applied this in the car (I wasn’t the driver FYI) and I managed to do so with no worries or difficulty.

Once I applied it, it appeared as if I have lash extensions on. That’s how fluffy, voluminous and pretty my lashes looked. It lasts throughout the day, no smudging, flaking or fading. It’s very easy and quick to remove at the end of the day. This is also not waterproof but has incredible staying power.

Made in Italy.


With the Hourglass I love how fluffy and wispy my lashes looked. It gives that ‘lash extensions’ appearance. A natural but fullness with length and volume is achieved with this.

With the Chanel I love that it doesn’t take long to apply this mascara and build up volume but you can tell I have mascara on, especially once I’ve built up layers of it. It doesn’t give that clump appearance nor does it flake or smudge but it gives more of doll like appearance.

If I had to decide between the two I would definitely go for the Hourglass, just because I love the result and appearance a bit better than the Chanel.



What are your thoughts? Have you tried either or both these mascaras?




Thanks for stopping by 😊

2 thoughts on “Chanel Le Volume vs Hourglass Caution Mascara”

  1. Is that Hourglass mascara the one that comes full size in a gold tube? Also, does the triangular shape of the wand make it harder to hold/apply? Mascara samples are such a great idea 🙂


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