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Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

Hey Beauties! 


Colourpop has been impressing me lately especially with the purchase I made not too long ago. I really wanted to give this foundation a try and here are my thoughts…



Colourpop No Filter Matte Foundation


As per the website: 

Developed for the Selfie Age, our build-able full coverage, natural matte foundation delivers flawless looking skin from day-to-night. The oil-free, lightweight formula blends smoothly and is easily customizable to create the coverage you want. Build it up or sheer it out, it was developed with innovative soft-blurring pigments to deliver true color while looking and feeling natural. The lockable pump is easy to use and keeps your routine mess-free! As always, 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Net Weight 25mL (0.85 fl oz)


1. Starting in the center of the face, blend foundation outwards.

– For maximum coverage, use Large Foundation Brush, Medium Foundation Brush, or Flat Kabuki Brush.

– For medium coverage, use Duo Fiber Brush, Small Duo Fiber Brush, or a blending sponge. Build it up and apply another layer for more coverage.

2. Apply No Filter Concealer to brighten under eyes or cover blemishes and uneven skin tone.

3. Set with No Filter Loose Setting Powder or No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder.


My Experience: 

I love the packaging, glass bottle with an adjustable pump. The fact that there are 42 shades is very impressive and they cater to all skin tones. 

I chose a medium to dark shade online. I could have chosen a shade lighter but I can make it work with a light concealer. I dislike choosing shades especially foundation online as it’s very tricky to find my perfect match. Thankfully I can still make this work. 

The consistency is very runny/ liquid but the pigmentation is on point. It’s blends into the skin fast and it’s build-able. I use 2 pumps for my entire face with my beauty sponge. It feels very lightweight on the skin and does not appear cakey once applied. 

I wore this for the past week and a half testing it out almost every day. After application and once my makeup was complete it appeared smooth, evened out my skin tone and sits on the skin very well. 

Unfortunately that’s where all the positives end. 

After about 3 hours this broke up on my skin, especially on my chin, around my nose and settled into my laughing lines which I hated. After about the 4th hour this began breaking up on my nose and in between my brows. I have dry skin but at the end of the day (after 9 hours) my nose and forehead looked shiny and oily. I’m not talking about a healthy glow or lite from within, it appeared oily and looked as if I needed to blot and powder my skin. I couldn’t take it anymore and blotted my skin and applied powder even though it was the end of the day and I was about to wash my face. I wanted to see what it would look like after powdering . Thank goodness I was home and about to cleanse my skin because after blotting and powdering my skin appeared super dry with cracks and caking in my t-zone. It looked as if I have not exfoliated or applied a face mask for 2 years and barely drank water for days.

The next day I switched up my primer and used the No Filter Loose Powder which is suggested with this foundation and no word of a lie, the exact same thing happened. Half way throughout the day I blotted and touched up with the No Filter Loose Powder and my skin appeared the same, after looking oily in the T-zone it appeared dry, cakey, cracking and broken up in the T-zone. 

The next day and the next day the same damn thing. 

I’ve come to this conclusion why (I am also a skincare therapist/ beauty therapist so this can be the only reason):

The formula claims to be matte and oil-free. I have dry skin. My natural oils were over producing oils to counteract the matte, oil-free formula. Then when blotting and powdering my skin it appeared dry and cakey. 

The next day when I applied a hydrating/ satin foundation my skin was fine and back to normal. No oiliness throughout the day, it did not cake up or break up on t-zone and no blotting and powdering. 

This just proves to pick a foundation best suited for your skin type. I made the mistake of “oh everyone’s trying this, I have to try it too.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

I do use this foundation if I’m playing around with new makeup, blog posts or if I’m only going to be wearing makeup for a short period of time, maybe 2 hours or so for church or pictures etc. Just so that I don’t completely waste product, or I mix it with other foundations. It’s a pity this didn’t work out because I absolutely love the No Filter Concealer. 

It’s great that it’s affordable, the shade range is awesome but this isn’t suited for my skin unfortunately. 

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Thanks for stopping by 😊


9 thoughts on “Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review”

  1. Sorry to hear this foundation didn’t work good for you. I’ve never tried this one before, but I’ve had bad experiences with foundations in the past as well. I just recently bought a foundation from BH Cosmetics that works really well for me though. Finally! lol

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