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Babor Skincare 2018 Advent Calendar Review

Hey Beauties! 


Christmas Advent Calendar 2018


Babor has been around for years and I’m happy to try their ampoules which is what makes this brand so popular. 

If you have not heard or seen this brand, Babor is a German brand founded by Micheal Babor who created their HY-ÖL which was the start of cleansing oils to thoroughly cleanse the skin. 

I’ve been testing out a few of their products and so far I am impressed. Today I will focus on their Advent Calendar which releases every year at the end of the year. The idea is to use one ampoule per day until the 24th December. Each ampoule is unique with high quality ingredients to target the skin’s needs in order to achieve healthy, youthful, radiant skin. 

As this is only released once a year I grabbed it the minute it was released. Every year with new releases they include varies ampoules.

As per the website: 


Is your Christmas wish to have flawlessly radiant skin on Christmas morning? In just 24 days, your skin will be renewed and completely transformed! With the latest newcomer to the BABOR Advent calendar being the Perfect Glow Ampoule which works wonders ensuring a radiant complexion during the Advent season. In addition to this luminescent elixir, there are a variety of all our other much-loved, tried and tested ampoules are concealed behind the doors of the Advent calendar with the exception of the crème de le crème, Sea Creation The Serum contained in a limited edition ampoule glass vial. Power-packed with active ingredients, this effective, 24-day intensive skincare treatment surprises users every day anew. The beauty elixirs thoroughly moisturize, vitalize, regenerate and firm skin, and create a unique and renewed complexion. The beautifying ampoules, presented in Christmas packaging with a glittering gold Christmas tree design, make an ideal gift for yourself or for your nearest and dearest. And you don’t have to wait until Christmas Day for the magic to happen!


Minimum effort. Maximum effect. With the 24-day intensive treatment you give your skin valuable active ingredients that build, protect and tighten.


Hydra Plus – provides intensive moisture

Algae Vitalizer – moisturizes and makes your skin look vitalized, rosy and fresh

Perfect Glow – provides intensive moisture and creates a youthful glow

Beauty Rescue – strengthens your skin for more resistance and radiance

Stop Stress – wild indigo extract reduces stress-related redness and irritation of your skin 

Oxygen Plus – effective protection for the day with anti-pollution effect

Active Night – active recovery of skin cells overnight

3D Firming – an active ingredient complex of organic silicon and extracts of the yellow poppy improves tissue firmness and

elasticity of the skin

Lift Express – immediate anti-wrinkle effect with micro-algae extract

Sea Creation THE SERUM – to improve your skin structure with luxurious anti-aging active ingredients


After cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule and cover the ampoule neck with a tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the ampoule neck or opener and break it open with a sudden jerking movement on the lower, colored ring. Pour concentrate into the palm of your hand and work into face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat into the skin. Then apply skincare cream.


I’ve tried their ampoules prior to this Christmas Advent Calendar. Their ampoules are described as a skin booster. It offers the skin an incredible amount of vitality, hydration and a “pick me up” for when my skin appears and feels dull, dehydrated and not looking or feeling it’s best. Because it’s so concentrated it absorbs deeply into the skin and offers fast results. The first time I used this my skin was so dehydrated and it tingled for a few seconds (nothing harsh at all) as it quickly absorbed into my skin. 

It is recommended to use the entire ampoule. I use half of it and apply it to my face, neck and décolletage, let that sink in then use the remainder as a second layer. It’s not recommended to use half and save it for the next day as the results won’t be as effective. 

The very last ampoule on the 24th is the Sea Creation Luxury Anti Aging Serum which costs R6000 for a 50ml full size of this. The calendar contains one ampoule of this which I honestly cannot wait to try. 

I think Babor is genius to offer ampoules as well as skincare advent calendars every year. This is such an awesome way to try varies ampoules especially if you haven’t tried any of it before. Thereafter you can purchase one pack of a specific ampoules which was your favorite or which targeted your skin the most. Also, this is also such a wonderful gift to offer anyone. 

I would definitely recommend this calendar or even any other ampoules sold separately to everyone. If you have a face, try this! The idea of a skin booster every week or every day for consecutive days is an advantage to achieve deeper penetration of ingredients to the skin as well as other advantages like hydration, restoring the skin and the list goes on and on. 



Have you tried anything from Babor? What are your thoughts? 



Thanks for stopping by 😊

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