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Updated Skincare Routine Featuring Derca

Hey Beauties!

Skincare is something I prioritize and it’s a topic I love educating to people around me especially being in the beauty industry. You can have an extensive makeup collection but it boils down to looking after your skin first which makes such a huge difference.

I’ve been testing out this entire range of skincare from a brand called Derca Skincare. It is a proudly South African brand which is still fairly new, about 2 years old. I’ve met the owner and founder of this brand, Lurinda, been on training and this woman is booming with this brand which is so inspiring.



As per the website:

Derca is a derma cosmetic product line that focuses on advanced repair and maintenance concept. The range focuses on real concerns on the face, body, nails and hair that all of us experience on a day-to-day basis. We only use top quality ingredients at aesthetic percentages to alter the skin and body.


Derca pride itself to have no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in their products, to deliver a safe and effective brand.


We manufacturer the top quality skin and body care products and do not use any colorants in our products


We only do blind cover studies with real people and real results.


Derca has a natural preservative to keep your product fresh for up to 2 years



My selection of products:



Balancing Complex Wash

This is a gentle cleanser for combination skin, anti-oil reduction and hydration. Contains bamboo stem cells, anti oxidant, Vitamin C and lemon extracts balance combination skin, pimples.

This a gel formula and deeply cleanses my skin without stripping my natural oils and does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry. I use this am and pm. One pump is all that’s needed to cleanse my face and décolleté.

AHA At Home Peel Kit

A safe at home Peel Kit that targets a number of concerns including pigmentation, brightening, hydration, open pores, rejuvenation and scarring. This is a glycolic Peel which is self neutralizing. I use this once every 2 weeks although it can also be used once a week. The directions and other information is also listed on the box and inside the box which is helpful to first time users. It’s actually fun mixing up this Peel as it contains a bowl, brush, powder and liquid. I feel like a scientist when mixing this up and applying it to my skin.



Skin Renew Serum

This is one their advanced products with active ingredients to target pigmentation and anti aging. Contains Argon oil, Niacinamide, hyluronic acid, peptides with stem cells. Some good quality ingredients if you ask me. I use this in the am and pm before my moisturizer and after cleansing.

Deep Wrinkle Eye Supreme

A firming eye balm to target deep wrinkles and promote elasticity and hydrate skin with advanced anti-oxidants. Full eye care balm to promote hydration contains high end anti-axidants and omega oils. Another option is the Radiance Firming Eye but I’m extra and wanted the extra hydration which is a rich balm. I use this at night only as I’m using a different eye cream in the mornings, but this can be used am and pm.

Bio Lifting Deluxe Anti-Ageing Day/Night Creme

Deluxe anti-ageing serum with complex ingredients like omega 3,6 and 9 oils, hyaluronic acid and retinol to reduce the signs of ageing and turn back the clock by stimulating new collagen development. Deep moisturizer properties. Spf 15.

I had to ease into this as it does contain quite a bit of active ingredients. I used it every second day for almost two weeks but I’m at a stage now where I use it twice a day and my skin absolutely loves this.

It does contain spf 15 which I was confused about as it can be used at night too, but that’s mainly for blue light such as your cellphone, laptop and tv. Yes this protects our skin from that as we don’t think about how damaging our screens can be to our skin.

Acne Spot Treatment

This a spot treatment used to treat breakouts and pimples. This comes in handy when my hormones are acting up/ that time of the month. It goes to work fast targeting and treating my breakouts. It does contain Salicylic acid which my skin responds well to.





Anti-Stress Muscle Relaxer

Soothes muscle aches and pains with unique formula with capsicum, mint, camphor and menthol product blend to relieve inflammation in muscles and joints.

Since high school I’ve had ongoing issues with my knees. When playing sports, being on my feet all day or accidentally knocking my knee against something it’ll pain for hours. I would have to digest pain medication to treat it but I thought using something topically would be more effective to target a specific area. I’ve used this a couple of times and I honestly thought the pain would come back after an hour after application but it completely takes away the pain in my knees. I’ve also used this on my neck and back and helps in those areas too. The scent is pleasant as I can feel and smell the mint and camphor.

I apply this only when needed or only when I have pain or inflammation.



These are the products that I’ve tried so far but this brand stocks so much more, and more to come in the future. All these products work and coincide very well together and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. It’s more radiant, plump, brighter and smoother. The moisturizer, serum and at home peel are now my staple products that I will keep repurchasing long term. I would definitely recommend this brand to everyone.



Derca is sold at selective spa’s and salons as well as their website.



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