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Dior Forever Foundation and Dior Show Mascara Review

Hey Beauties!



Unintentionally I wondered off to the skincare and makeup counters while doing Christmas shopping the other day and of course when bright lights shine on beauty products my brain kinda goes into a frenzy.

Last time I purchased a Dior Lip Fluid was at the same Edgars counter and received it on sale as I was told the Fluid Sticks are being discontinued. I spotted some more fluid sticks on sale as well as some other eye products. I was about to purchase another fluid stick and spotted this foundation and mascara which interested me more. As a “by the way” question I asked the sales lady for the price of the foundation and mascara as I would have loved to own a Dior foundation some day.

Little did I know she scanned this particular foundation and told me it’s reduced down to a whopping 314 Rand! I told her I will color match myself and immediately take it. I put the Fluid Stick down then asked about the mascara as I’ve heard Dior mascaras are very good and she scanned the price of that. I assumed the mascara would be around 600 Rand and I would end my purchase with just the foundation and score. She came back and told me the mascara is discounted too for only 317 Rand and I told her to ring it up cause it’s my early Christmas presents to myself. What a bargain! I was super happy.



Dior Forever Foundation


As per the claims:

Dior Forever, the 1st flawless perfection foundation with a second-skin fusion wear by Dior. Infused with smart skin-shaping Skincare Essence, the formula becomes one with the skin for an absolutely perfect complexion all day long.

The soft and velvety fluid melts weightlessly into the skin to envelop features for an ultra-smooth, even complexion and visibly perfect skin day after day.


My Experience:

I believe this foundation is being discontinued as it was discounted and cannot seem to find it on Dior’s website. I think it’s replaced by the newer Forever Foundation with a black lid with SPF35 and this has a blue lid with SPF25. I’m not sure what the difference is between the new one or old one but I’m sure it can’t be that far off. I will still give my review on this formula/ this one I purchased though.

The packaging is luxurious and I felt boujee opening it up and admiring it. I still keep it in the box as I’m not ready to throw the box away yet, it’s so special.

This contains a pump with frosted glass packaging.

It states to shake before use which I did and applied 3 pumps to my entire face and neck. The shade matched me very well and the consistency is very thin and liquid-like. It contains active skincare ingredients which makes wearing this foundation even more worth while.

I blended this with a beauty blender and this gave light coverage which I expected due to the consistency being so thin and lightweight. I added two more pumps to build up the coverage and that was all I needed for medium coverage. My freckles were peeking through slightly and my skin appeared very fresh, dewy and skin-like. I absolutely love the finish, appearance and how youthful my skin looked. It gave me that magazine, model, runway, Victoria secret, Natasha Denona Makeup style vibe which I’m here for.

If you have very dry, dry (like me) or combination and you don’t like a very full coverage, caked on, matte foundation you would love this. I know some people who are oily but don’t like matte foundation would also love this, just be sure to carry a powder in your bag to blot and powder throughout the day.

This does not feel heavy on my skin and I fact it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing foundation at all. I lightly set my skin with translucent powder and wore this for the day. It did not move, transfer or settle that much into my smile lines like a lot of foundations do. At the end of the day my skin still appeared fresh, youthful and vibrant and I almost did not want to take my makeup off as I as having such a good makeup and skin day. I then wore it for another 2 days in a row and absolutely love the finish and wear time of this. My options remained the same too for the further 2 days I wore this.

I would definitely recommend this foundation and hopefully the new forever foundation is just as good as this. I should maybe go back and get a backup 🤫



Dior Show Mascara


The cult favorite Dior Backstage mascara. The next-generation formula, enriched with microfibers, optically reproduces the effect of lash extensions used by runway makeup artists. The AIR-LOCK wiper system prevents the formula from air exposure and drying out in the tube, so the mascara stays fresh until the last use, day after day. Get fuller lashes, bolder impact, and a formula that lasts with this conditioning formula.



My Experience:

This isn’t being discontinued so I’m not sure why I got it on discount but it was one of those moments where no questions were asked, paid for the products and left with joy.

The packaging is simple, sleek and classy which I like. I still have not thrown the box away like a crazy person.

This does contain a brush wand which I prefer instead of a rubber wand. The brush is big so I mainly use this on my top lashes.

The formula isn’t thin which makes it perfect to create instant volume with only two coats. It will appear clumpy if you add too many coats though.

I actually love the scent of it, it smells a bit like laundry detergent…

This created more volume than length on my lashes and stayed put the entire day. It did not smudge or fade as well.



Just to add that this is Fluid Stick I purchased weeks ago which started this Dior craze:




What are some of your fav products from Dior?



Thanks for stopping by 😊

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