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What I Use to Lay My Edges…

Hey Beauties!


I’ve recently incorporated these two products into my hair care routine especially on days I’m wearing my hair in a sleek ponytail, bun or when I need to tame my edges and flatten my flyaways.




Ladine Oil Moisturizer


As per the website:

 The original leave-in conditioner
for relaxed hair.

• Smoothens, nourishes and restores
moisture to dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

• Helps control split-ends.

• Silicones and Sweet Almond Oil
add unbeatable shine and softness,

helping to prevent breakage.




My Experience:

I was a bit confused with the concept of this product to be honest. But with the name of it being an “oil moisturizer” it definitely intrigued me.

The packaging is standard, with a squeeze applicator to control how much product you require.

I tried this on my damp hair before drying and a small amount once my hair was completely dry. The consistency is like a moisturizer and once rubbed between my hands it turns into an oil. I assumed this would feel heavy and weigh my hair down but so far it has not. I have very dry hair and using this a couple of times a week does not add any greasy residue to my hair, it does not stain my pillows when I sleep nor does it weigh my hair down. It adds a tremendous amount of shine and that healthy looking hair appearance which I crave for my dry hair. When I wear my hair in a sleek ponytail this is the first product I grab as it holds my hair down or flat and maintains a shiny appearance.

It’s such a genius idea to create a concept of a lightweight moisturizer for the hair similar to a moisturizer for the skin.

I would recommend this for your hair especially if you have dry, lackluster hair or split ends.




L’Oréal Fix Max Hair Gel


As per the website:

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Fix Max Shaping Gel for extra hold. Tecni.ART Fix Max comes with a pleasant and refreshing fragrance. This gel won’t make your hair sticky and won’t leave any residue on the scalp but only soft and shiny hair. 

Apply with hands for overall hold, or use fingers to define individual strands. 

Slicked back or spiky hairstyles.



My Experience:

I love the packaging of this and it contains a squeeze tube to control how much product you require when dispensed. I purchased this to tame my flyaways especially my edges at the back/ nape of my neck up to the back of my head/ pony or bun and the front of head too.

The gel is clear and I’ve learnt that only a tiny amount is needed when using this. I’ve noticed that when using too much product and then brushing my hairs down or flat, it creates a white residue on my very dark hair. I applied a little bit of water on my fingertips to alleviate the whiteness and that took it away thankfully. You would need to work a bit quickly when using this as waiting for it to dry after application and then brushing or styling your hair also creates that white cast or residue.

With the next application I used way less and that appeared to work much better. My flyaways and edges were tamed the entire day with no worries of the wind/ weather interrupting my hair style. This does not add shine to my hair but definitely has a strong hold of keeping it tamed.

However I only wear this gel throughout the day if I’m going to be washing my hair the same day or evening. I wore this gel one evening, went to bed when I got home and brushing my hair the next morning was a disaster as the white residue appeared, and it caused a bit of dry flakes throughout my scalp.

This does work wonderfully and completes it’s job in terms of taming my flyaways and having a strong hold when I need my hair especially my edges to remain flat. However, I wouldn’t recommend or personally use it on a daily basis.



Ladine can be purchased on Takealot or their website.

L’Oréal professional hair can be purchased at selected professional hair salons or online/ their website.





Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?





Thanks for stopping by 😊

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