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Estée Lauder Pure Color Paint On Liquid Lip Color Review

Hey Beauties!

“I got this for cheap” hence purchasing this holiday set hence the reason why I paid the total of one liquid lipstick and basically received two for free. I’ve also never tried any of Estée Lauder’s liquid lipsticks before so I was quite intrigued on these.



As per the website:

Discover the power of liquid Envy. Intense, smooth, ultra-comfortable color. This is paint with a passion. 

Saturates lips with 3 boldly seductive finishes: 

MATTE: Paint on long-wearing drama. Paint on style. Matte but never flat. 

VINYL: Paint on shine. Paint on sexy. Fits your lips like a curvy vinyl dress.

METALLIC: Paint on dazzle. Paint on daring. Gleaming brushed chromes in super-hot shades that last all day. 

Each shade comes in the finish that suits it best.


Drench your lips in full-on liquid color.







Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy

(Not my best swatches I know…)



My Experience:

As previously mentioned, I’ve never tried any lip products from Estée Lauder before but had high hopes as Estee is not really an affordable brand even in terms of skincare. I have not heard or seen these liquid lipsticks before as well.

The packaging is sleek, modern yet true to the brand. This contains a standard doe foot applicator and is easy to apply even without a lipliner.

The formula is standard, not ultra thin nor very thick. This does not dry down completely matte and is very comfortable yet long lasting. This is one the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I’ve worn in a while.

I do enjoy all these shades, two being satin-matte (in my opinion) and one being metallic. The pink and Nude shades I do enjoy for everyday and the deep red I used for a Valentine’s Day Makeup Look, Click HERE to view.


Overall I do enjoy all three of these Lipsticks and I’m glad I decided to give it a whirl. I’m also curious about there other lip products they offer too.



Have you tried Estée Lauder lip products? What are your thoughts?




Thanks for stopping by 😊

4 thoughts on “Estée Lauder Pure Color Paint On Liquid Lip Color Review”

  1. What a good deal you got! The shades look really pretty.
    I’ve had a few Estee Lauder lipsticks (the traditional bullet style) and they’re really high quality. People don’t talk about the brand even though they make really good products.

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