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Origins Ginzing Gift Set Review

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I finally got to try this gift set from a brand I’ve been keen on for a while. Skincare is something I value and prioritize and having so many options makes it worthwhile testing different brands and formulas to customize your regime.

As per the website:



Don’t let cold-weather blues get skin down. Perk it up with GinZing™ & a handy cosmetic bag. Plus, it’s all yours for the price of a moisturizer.


Give lackluster skin a lift with our Coffee-infused energy-boosters. Cleanser scrubs skin clean & refreshes; eye cream wakes up tired-looking eyes; ultra-hydrating cream treats skin to rich, energizing moisture & gel moisturizer offers up lightweight, oil-free, refreshing hydration.


Parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oil, DEA, petrolatum, paraffin, polyethylene beads, formaldehyde & animal ingredients*

*except cruelty-free honey & beeswax



Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser



RECOMMENDED FOR: All Skin Types, Except Very Dry

BENEFIT: Gentle exfoliating cleanse


2 in 1 scrubby cleanser fortified with radiance-boosting Panax Ginseng and energizing Coffee Beans. Natural Jojoba and Carnauba Wax gently exfoliate to help unclog pores. Skin looks smoother, brighter. Feels perfectly refreshed. Plus, uplifting aroma of Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint perks you up so you’re ready to face the day!


Gently massage into wet skin in circular motions. Avoid eye area. Rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for daily use.

This cleanser is very gentle yet it lathers and deeply cleanses my skin thoroughly. I didn’t read the directions as it says it can be used daily. I only used it about twice a week, although i don’t see it being a problem should I use it daily. This is pretty much a standard cleanser and makes my skin feel refreshed and well cleansed without that dry, tight feeling afterwards.



Ginzing Peel off Mask to Refine and Refresh




BENEFIT: Radiance


Get mask a-peel in mere minutes. This refreshing peel-off mask is fortified with Coffee Beans and Panax Ginseng. It helps lift away dull, dead skin plus dirt and debris to leave you looking clear and radiant. All while refining pores, too. Skin feels smooth and totally refreshed. Pores snap back in to shape! It’s easy to use. Just apply an even layer to clean, dry skin.

Avoid your eye area, brows and hairline.

Let it dry.

Then smile to loosen and gently peel off to reveal your newly radiant skin.

Apply an even layer to makeup free, dry skin. Avoid eye area, brows and hairline. Let dry. To remove, smile to loosen and gently peel off. Rinse away any residue with a moistened cotton round. Mask may tingle, feel tight or leave your skin looking flushed, this is normal as the mask is doing its job at energizing skin.

Tip: Not recommended to be used with Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Mask Primer or on irritated, broken, sunburned skin or for people using harsh topical prescriptions. Recommended to be used 2 times per week.

**Product should be disposed of into the trash.

The color of this mask is so beautiful and I love the convenience of a peel off mask. Peeling a mask off is so satisfying.

The scent is quiet strong initially when applying it and it tingled ever so slightly especially the first time I tried this. I would recommend to apply two layers as one thin layer makes the removal process a lot harder. Also, I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin as I don’t think your skin would be able to tolerate it.

In all honesty I have not found a peel off mask that blew me away. Although this mask is quiet nice, I don’t think I would run and purchase a full size.



Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and De-puff




BENEFIT: Brighten & reduce dark circles


A refreshing eye cream that visibly brightens the eye area by diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Late night? Long flight? Look tired all the time? This morning-after eye cream instantly reduces dark circles, unsightly bags, and puffiness. It’s formulated with coffee beans, panax ginseng, magnolia extract, and natural optic brighteners to rapidly wake up, refresh, and restore radiance to tired eyes.

This eye cream on the other hand is life. I’m the type of person that truly believes in eye creams and it’s a necessity in my routine without failure. I’ve tried so many eye creams throughout the years and by now I can tell if an eye cream is good or not just after one or two uses.

This is a winner. It brightens, de-puffs, has a slight tint to it and is moisturizing. I can wear this alone or under makeup/ concealer. This is something I would definitely purchase a full size of, although this tiny jar will last a while as I don’t overuse product and is only used on the eye area.

Ginzing Ultra Hydrating Energy Boosting Cream



RECOMMENDED FOR: Very Dry, Dry & Normal Skin

BENEFIT: 24 Hour hydration


Major hydration. Major energy. Our ultra-hydrating energizer with Coffee Seed Oil & Cupuacu Butter gets skin glowing.


Hydrates for 24 hours, restores radiance, rapidly refreshes & leaves skin energized.

Following serum, apply liberally to skin day and night as a daily moisturizer, or as needed during the day as an instant skin refresher.

Another winner. I’m so grateful this a full size product as this is my favorite product from this set. The texture, how moisturizing it is, hydrating and scent is an A+. This keeps my dry skin moisturized and the formula is not too thick nor too thin which is perfect for the daytime and underneath makeup. I use oils, overnight masks or treatments at night, but on some nights I mix a few drops of oil with this moisturizer and that combination works just as well.



What are your stand out products from Origins?


Origins can be purchased from Sephora or




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