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All About The Glow…

Hey Beauties!


I’m someone that loves to glow whether it’s in the middle of summer or winter/ all year round. I think we all love to have that healthy, glowing, youthful appearance and these are products I use specifically for the face to glow.

I will compile a separate post on my top five powder highlighters but for now these are my favorite cream products.




Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream

I have this in the shade Pinklite as the Gold was out of stock. This is the mini/ travel size as it’s perfect for travel and this mini tube has been lasting for months. It provides a healthy looking sheen without adding glitter or shimmer on the skin which makes it look very natural.

I wear this as a primer and even on days I’m not wearing makeup to provide radiance. This contains vitamins as well as green tea which is are added skincare benefits hence I use it on days I don’t wear makeup as well.



Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer

I have mine in the shade Sunlight which has a gold/ bronze undertone as a pose to the pink undertone which is in the shade Candlelight. The consistency is extremely lightweight and thin hence the name ‘serum.’

This provides a subtle glow on the skin but is not as natural looking on the skin like the Mac Strobe Cream. This contains more pigment and shimmer but still provides an even, glowing appearance. I can wear this with or without makeup but I prefer wearing this as a primer with makeup only. The Mac Strobe Cream is the only cream I prefer wearing without makeup.



Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Creme Highlighter

I received this as a free gift from Sephora last year in the shade Rose Gold. I definitely cannot wear this alone as it does not suit my complexion but with makeup on I love it. It proves such a healthy sheen without glitter or shimmer. It blends out very quickly and easily into the skin and can be used on top of powders or over powders and becomes one with my skin. If this was the correct undertone for my skin I could wear it without makeup and it would look stunning. This tiny sample tube has also been lasting me quite a while and I used it so often during the summer time underneath powder highlighters.

The consistency is very thin and lightweight and blends very easily and quickly into the skin.



Makeup Revolution Liquid Starlight Highlighter

If you want to look like tin man, this is the answer. Even from the picture you can tell how reflective and shimmering/ glittery this appears. Unfortunately this cannot be worn alone therefore I only wear it with makeup and most of the time I don’t add a powder highlight on top as it’s stands out alone. I also cannot apply this over powder as it does not blend easily and dries down quite quickly. I tend to use my fingers or a brush and a tiny amount on the skin as a sponge does not work with this product. There are 7 shades to chose from which is lovely as it suits different skin tones.

It’s quite intense and I love using this on my décolletage and tops of my cheek bones on occasions I really want to beam.



What are some of your favorite liquid or cream face highlighters?




Thanks for stopping by:)

6 thoughts on “All About The Glow…”

  1. I have the pink MAC strobe cream too and I like wearing it at the weekend when I want an easy, go to moisturiser with a bit of radiance! The liquid highlighters all look stunning in your swatches 🙂

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