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Maybelline Snapscara Review

Hey Beauties!


I recently purchased a bunch of mascaras and decided to review this one first.



Maybelline Snapscara Mascara



As per the website:



Snapscara® Mascara delivers smooth, clump-free volume in an instant. This easy on, easy off formula applies effortlessly and removes in a snap. No rubbing or tugging. It’s an ideal mascara for sensitive eyes.



Meet a new generation of mascara! Snapscara® is our 1st pigmented wax-free mascara that features a zero-hassle, no clump formula that glides on smooth for clean volume and defined lashes all-day. This voluminous mascara is made without pigment-dulling waxes and the effect is super-saturated lashes with pure color intensity. Easily remove this game-changing mascara with a cotton pad and warm water – it’s never tough to take off. You will never need to rub or experience those dreaded raccoon eyes. This colored mascara is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.


Step 1. Apply this non-clumping mascara from your outer to inner lash with smooth strokes. Step 2. Keep building volume as desired. Step 3. Allow the mascara to dry. To Remove: Splash the eye area with warm water and softly massage to remove or apply makeup remover to a cotton square to lift off the eye area.



My Experience:


I read the claims before purchasing it and knowing that it would be a Mascara that does not clump and easily removable as I wanted to put that to the test.

The packaging is sleek and I really do like it. I purchased mine in the shade Pitch Black as there are 4 shades in total to chose from. It’s called Snapscara as it’s easy to remove “in a snap.” Love quirky quotes…

The wand has a curve in it and extends from smaller bristles to larger bristles for easy application. I applied 2 coats and this provided both length and volume to my lashes. It lasted the entire day without fading, clumping or transferring to my lower lash line as I purposely only applied it to my upper lashes. That’s my biggest disappointment when it comes to mascara, the transferring or flaking which can spoil my entire eye makeup look especially if I don’t apply any mascara to my bottom lashes.

I wore this for one and a half weeks every single day and my goodness I was so surprised how well the consistency on this mascara held up from day to day. It did not clump at all, transfer to my lower lashes and it provided both length and volume, more length though than volume.

At the end of the day the true test was to see how well the removal process was. It actually removed my mascara hella good! I usually remove my eye makeup especially mascara at least 2 to 3 times and with this mascara I only removed it once. This is incredible as I hate fiddling with my eyes or rubbing and tugging it too much.

I would highly recommend this mascara! Also for the price it’s affordable too.


This by far is my current favorite mascara and sits top draw, front and center. In general Maybelline mascaras are good and I’ve noticed their innovation and the quality usually exceeds my expectation.



Have you tried this mascara before? What are your thoughts?





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