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Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation Review

Hey Beauties!


I decided to purchase this foundation the second I saw in store as it’s new to us, I know it’s been out in the USA for a while now.



Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation SPF20



As per the website:

What It Is:
A long-wearing, buildable, and breathable foundation that provides lightweight, medium coverage with a healthy, satin finish.
Why It’s Good For You:
Compatible with all skin types and featuring our exclusive Brightening Complex and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, brighten and improve the appearance of skin tone. Added boost of Vitamins A, C & E provides a flawless, healthy coverage.

Key Ingredients:
Brightening Complex (Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract), Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Salts), Vitamin A, C& E Antioxidant Blend, Protective SPF 20




My Experience:

I love the packaging. It’s weighted with a luxurious feel to it with a glass container. The applicator is a huge doe foot applicator which can be swiped onto the skin like a concealer. I don’t mind this applicator as I’m the only one using it and my skin is always cleansed before makeup. For some it might not be ideal or a preferred method of application.

The most disappointing part of this foundation and in general when it comes Physicians Formula is their shade range. I don’t often purchase a lot from this brand as I find they do not cater to everyone which is a huge let down. Also, the price of their products are not that affordable in comparison to other brands in store. I could purchase a Mac blush or mascara for the same price using my Mac Pro discount therefore that’s another reason I don’t purchase from brand. There were sadly only 5 shades, I repeat 5 shades available in store to choose from…


If I did not find a shade that would come close to my complexion I wouldn’t have bothered. Thankfully I could find one out the 5 that was there which was surprising because I find it tricky to match my shade. I chose the shade DN3 which does not completely match my undertones but I could make it work with concealer and powder.

I go through phases with which method to blend my foundation. Right now I’m using a beauty blender. It blends out beautifully with a sponge as well a brush. The coverage is light to medium but buildable. I’m not actually into the full coverage foundation that completely covers my freckles. I enjoy medium or buildable lightweight natural foundations. I work hard on my skin so why cover it with layers and layers of foundation…?

I wore this for about 10 hours while being at work. During the day after about 4 hours my skin appeared youthful, natural and skin-like. No oiliness or dry patches formed and I was happy with how my skin looked. At the end of the day my skin still appeared radiant and natural which was a positive. It did not break apart, accentuate dryness nor oiliness in my skin but continued to appear natural and even.



My one and only complaint is the damn shade range! Having a couple of shades available in store is not acceptable. Not only that, on the Physicians Formula There are brands getting it right (finally) and Physicians Formula needs to get it together. Maybe then I would consider purchasing more of their products.

This wasn’t the best foundation I’ve tried and it wasn’t the worst either. It’s pretty average in my opinion and works well for a day to day foundation. I wouldn’t wear this at night for a full glam, full coverage look though. I do however enjoy the longevity, how natural and radiant it is.


I purchased mine at Dischem Pharmacy for R279. Contains 30ml of product.



Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?




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