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Julienne Brow Tint Kit Review

Hey Beauties!


I’ve been tinting my brows for literally years at this stage. I normally use one brand only which most spa’s and salons use. I spotted this at Dischem Pharmacy

They only had the shade black and light brown available in store. I figured since I have black hair and black brow hairs that hopefully this would be fine although I was searching for dark brown.


Julienne Eye Tinting Brow Kit


The entire kit was pretty affordable for only R119.95 for 5ml of the Brow Tint, 10ml of the Cream Developer, Round Bristle Brush and Mixing Tray.

”The permanent colour tint is the perfect method to enhance and intensify distinctive eyebrows. The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to achieve long-lasting colour intensity. Convenient and easy to use, the stay-fast, waterproof formulation delivers beautifully defined brows for up to 6 weeks.”


Available in 3 shades. Midnight Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown.




  • Cleanse brows thoroughly with a non-oily cleanser to remove any natural oils and makeup.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or thick cream around the brows with a cotton bud to protect the skin. Avoid contact with the brows as this will compromise the efficacy of the tint.
  • Remove the foil cover from the tint tube. Squeeze 1cm of of Permanent Color Tint into the mixing tray and add an equal amount of Cream Developer. Using the round bristle brush, thoroughly to smooth paste.
  • Apply mixture using the brush. Allow to develop for 3-5 minutes, depending on intensity of color required. Remove with damp cotton wool. If a darker color is still required, re-apply and allow to develop further, not exceeding 10 minutes in total. Wipe off, ensuring all traces of the mixture are removed. Discard any unused mixture and rinse tray and brush before storing for future use.








I am completely happy with the results. Tint usually lasts a weeks on my brows and I will definitely continue using this.



Have you tinted your eyebrows before? What are your thoughts on this brow kit?

P.S. Check out my Instagram (@beautybyreeva) for a video on the application process and results!


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