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Caribbean Self Tan Body and Face Bronzing Mousse

Hey Beauties!



Let me firstly state that I have a naturally deep tan complexion. I know that I do not need to self tan or spray tan ever (not to toot my own horn haha), but recently I had to be a model for a spray tan. I have some areas of uneven skin tones throughout my body for instance my face is ever so slightly lighter than my neck, my bust area is also lighter and so on. I do have stretch marks but nothing super noticeable or there’s no vast difference in my skin tones throughout my body. Seeing that I was a model for spray tan and this was my very first spray tan as I don’t find the need to do so, I wasn’t really excited or looking forward to it or didn’t anticipate anything of it other than being a shade or two darker.

The spray tan used was from Caribbean tan and oh my goodness did I look like an absolute bronzed Goddess by the end of the spray tan. My body looked amazing, completely even toned and it actually concealed my stretch marks to a certain degree too.


Therefore, I then decided to give this self tanner a go at home especially as spring is approaching next month and I do go on vacation soon which gave me another reason to try this self tanning process once more. Seeing that I trust the brand Caribbean I purchased the mousse which surprisingly wasn’t as expensive as I anticipated. The ingredients are safe, it’s paraben free, alcohol free and cruelty free with no other harsh ingredients.


As per the website:

Our luxurious, light-weight, easy to use Gradual Bronzing Mousse smooths onto the skin and develops into a gorgeous natural-looking seamless tan over 8 hours. Preferred by many for it’s quick drying and alcohol-free formulation.

Maintain your tan while you travel, and avoid patchiness and blotching with tanning wipes! 

No orange, No streaks!

Not sure what skin type you are? 

Click here to learn: How to apply Gradual Bronzing Mousse



This can be purchased at Clicks Pharmacy for R99. Contains 150ml/ 5 of.oz of product.




  1. Exfoliate and wash off all excess oils at least 6 hours before application.
  2. Shake the bottle well and pump some Mousse into your hand.
  3. Apply from your legs up toward your thigh and buttocks using a circular motion.
  4. Apply Mousse to your stomach and back, up to your chest and shoulders and feather to your jawline.
  5. Apply to your arms, ensuring you cover all areas.
  6. Wash your palms with lukewarm water and soap.
  7. Wait 8 hours before showering.
  8. Wear loose fitting, dark clothing after application.

Apply to face: Do not pump directly onto the face. Apply barrier cream (petroleum jelly) to eyebrows and hairline. Apply a small amount of product by hand or use a mitt, to forehead, apples of cheeks, bridge of nose and chin. Blend outwards from these points avoiding eye area.

The bronzing mousse can also be applied using the Caribbean Tan application mitt.

Do’s and Dont’s to extend your tans life:

  • Use Caribbean Tan Milk and Honey Body Butter to prolong your tan.
  • Shower rather than bath and avoid vigorous towel drying.
  • Chlorinated pools fade your tan quicker.
  • Avoid exfoliation products with AHA’s.

For at least 5 hours after your tan do not:

  • Apply moisturizer, or exercise (perspiring affects the tanning process)
  • Wear jewelry or any clothing that would leave distinct lines.


If nozzle clogs, lift off and rinse thoroughly with hot water and replace. Store in cool dark place.







I’m interested to see how long this bottle lasts or how many uses I can get out of it. Overall I absolutely love how even, bronzed and sun kissed my complexion appears. I wouldn’t constantly self tan though, this would be for special occasions, vacations and during the summer months. I am happy with my brown/ natural tan complexion and this is more of an enhancement to even out my skin.



What are your thoughts on self tanning products? 




Thanks for stopping by:)





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