Hot Girl Summer Bikinis 👙

Hey Beauties!


I recently got back from a family vacation in Thailand, Phuket and my oh my it was absolutely amazeballs. If you not aware of the weather in Thailand, it’s basically scorching almost all year round. They only have 2 seasons which includes high and low season. We went during the low season but even then that was hella hot, so I wouldn’t want to imagine what it’s like during their high season.

I basically lived in bikinis every single day being there and tanned severely (I’m still hella dark/ tanned which I love).

I thought I’d share a couple of the bikinis I wore on the daily as I loved every single style and different patterns of each:








All bikinis were purchased at Mr Price Ladies Swimwear.



I’m stoked that summer is slowly approaching so I will definitely be wearing these costumes again throughout the summer time back home.



What are your favorite costumes?



Thanks for stopping by 😊

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