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Eco Style Krystal Hair Gel Review

I’ve been hearing so many great experiences about this specific styling gel therefore when I spotted this at my local pharmacy I had to pick it up.

As per the website:

Eco Style Krystal styling gel is a strong hold styling gel that is ideal for any hair type and color. This weightless hairgel product provides gravity-defying hold and adds body & shine to all styles.  Eco Style Krystal Gel is water based to deliver moisture and help maintain healthy hair.


• Adds body & shine

• All-day max hold

• No flake, no tack, anti-Itch


Max hold 10/10


Great for all types


Apply to dry or wet hair. Work desired amount through hair and style. 


16 FL oz e 473ml

My experience:

I saw this product mentioned on Instagram and viewed a couple of mini tutorials too.

When I spotted this at my local pharmacy I immediately picked it up. They had varies options to choose from like the Olive oil, Argan oil and the regular. I chose the regular although I have dry hair, I figured I would want the original or a firmer grip that would keep my hair in place and sleek. It also comes in two different sizes, I chose the bigger size in case I ran out of the smaller size a lot faster.

The consistency is lightweight, feels exactly like a gel with a very light, clean scent which I love. Some hair gels smell extremely strong but this doesn’t and I cannot smell it on my hair throughout the day too.

I applied a decent amount to slick back my hair into a bun and lay my edges. I’ve not had a hair gel that could lay my edges or flatten my hair and keep it flat like this hair gel has. It’s absolutely amazing and I was completely blown away.

This can be used for all hair types even very curly hair which is great as it holds a curl very well throughout the day too. This does not cause itching, dandruff, dry or flakiness. It’s water based so it can be easily washed out when you do shampoo your hair or go swimming. It does not weigh my hair down, or leave a residue too.

I would definitely recommend this to all my girls and guys no matter your hair type or hair condition. It’s a great add on to style your hair especially if you wanting to tame your hair or keep it manageable with long lasting results.

I purchased mine at Clicks for only R79,95. They do offer a smaller tub for R49,95.

Have you tried this hair gel before? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by 😊

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