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Email: reevasmall7@yahoo.com (PR friendly)

About me:

Since a young age I’ve been in love with beauty products and make up. I would secretly go to my mother’s vanity, apply her lipstick and eyeshadows and try to mimic make up looks seen on tv. Watching music videos was often a hobby growing up, and being inspired by the creativity of make up looks achieved on singers, while dancing and admiring their music.

I enrolled in cosmetology a couple of years after completing high school as reaching a diploma and knowing more about the beauty industry was always the ultimate goal. College has taught me a great deal in the beauty field, but keeping up with modern innovations, new releases on products, machines and skills is still a continuous learning curb.

Although I am a qualified cosmetologist and skin care specialist, make up has always been my main passion.

My dream is to be well known in the beauty industry, make a success out of my career, and teach others all my tips and tricks from years of experience.


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