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Guest Post Featuring Erin Angela: How To Successfully Grow Your Blog

Hey beauties! My second guest blog post is on the wonderful Erin Angela aka Glitterandmojitos (love her wordpress name). She's a 21 year old student studying to be a social worker. Her website is so unique, sophisticated and fun with plenty of tips from lifestyle to beauty. She has the whole package and absolutely love her… Continue reading Guest Post Featuring Erin Angela: How To Successfully Grow Your Blog

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Liebster Award/ Tag

Hey beauties! I would like to thank Ingrid for nominating me on the Liebster award. I feel like we have so much in common with her being a makeup artist and an esthetician. Please check out her stunning blog and send my love. She's so beautiful! P.s. I would like to thank other bloggers for nominating be… Continue reading Liebster Award/ Tag

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‘Beauty around the world’ swap with Claudia

This is honestly one of the most exciting posts I've done to date! When Claudia Marie Clemente contacted me, who i consider my friend now, I was thrilled to be part of her wonderful project. But first if you have no idea who Claudia is, where have you been yo?!! Just kidding, Claudia has an amazing blog… Continue reading ‘Beauty around the world’ swap with Claudia

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Blogger Recognition Award

  Hey beauties! I would like to thank the wonderful for nominating me for this post. I really appreciate it doll and please head on over to her gorgeous blog for more makeup obsessions:)   Let's get the rules out the way: Thank the blogger that nominated you, Attach the award to the post. Give a… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

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The Beauty Blogger Tag

                Hey beauties! Another huge thank you to catflicksandmattelips for nominating me. I feel truly appreciated and thankful for all the love and support I've received since starting my blog. Please check out catflicksandmattelips awesome blog. A very passionate graduate who is ready to pursue this gigantic world. Her love… Continue reading The Beauty Blogger Tag

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey beauties! I'd love to thank the wonderful thechiccommunity for nominating me for this tag. Check out her creative, highly influential webpage and send my regards😘 Rules: - Display award. -Thank the blogger that nominated you. -Post 7 facts about you. -Nominate bloggers. 7 Facts about me: 1. I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter whom… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award