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My Winter Routine and Go-To Products ⛈❄️

Hey Beauties! Since winter is in full swing I have a couple of suggestions as to which products and routine to switch to when the temperature takes a dip. FYI I have dry skin and during winter my skin gets even more dry than normal to a point where it flakes and becomes slightly sensitive.… Continue reading My Winter Routine and Go-To Products ⛈❄️

Make Up

My Current Favorite Lip Products 

Hey beauties! For today I will be sharing my top lip products at the moment. This does change every couple of months with new releases, new shades, formulas etc. But currently this is what I've been loving amounts the many lip products I own.   Lipsticks The formula has to be very moisturizing and of… Continue reading My Current Favorite Lip Products 

Skin Care

My Current Skincare Routine 

Hey Beauties! This is my current skincare regime. I do have dry skin, but during the summer period my skin is combination. One or two products will change within a couple of weeks and I will then write separate posts on those products, but for now these are the products I'm using and have been… Continue reading My Current Skincare Routine