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OOTD + MOTD 9/8/2019

Hey Beauties!   A short post on what I wore today. I hope you have a safe yet fabulous weekend!       Makeup products used: Foundation: Chanel Ultra Le Teint Ultrawear Concealer: Loreal Infallible Powder: Chanel Loose Translucent Universal Contour/ Bronzer: Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Blush: BH Cosmetics Nude 10 Blush Palette Highlight: Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Mean Money/ Hustla… Continue reading OOTD + MOTD 9/8/2019

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Innovative Facials For A Modern Day Woman/ Man…

Hey beauties!   Getting an ordinary facial now days seems a bit boring in my opinion. Why not opt for better results for your skin with the latest innovations. With modern technology and latest releases, Botox isn't the only way to have the appearance of younger looking skin. These treatments are not only safe and… Continue reading Innovative Facials For A Modern Day Woman/ Man…

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Are You A Tech Neck Sufferer?

(Image taken from google) With all this modern technology in today’s day and age we all suffer time to time from this term called “tech neck,’’ whereby we looking down on our cell phones, ipad’s, tablets, keyboards, pc’s, etc. This is even a problem for tall people like me as I physically have to look… Continue reading Are You A Tech Neck Sufferer?

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Why Going For Facials Is Necessary 

Hey beauties! I find that a number of people don't see the need to go for a professional facial. Many think googling a product, reading a review, or watching a YouTube video solves all skincare problems. No, no, no (serious face). Keep in mind (as I always mention) I am a professional skincare expert, and… Continue reading Why Going For Facials Is Necessary 


Why The Long Face?

  As we all know humans are not constantly happy. We go through sadness, loneliness, unhappiness, feel uninspired, unmotivated and depressed from time to time.  Accept that it's part of life and part of the struggle. But I always keep in mind that no matter what situation we faced with in life, it's how you react and handle… Continue reading Why The Long Face?